The Soul’s Wisdom and Working Through Pain

clcdcoverIn the new channeled book Conscious Living, Conscious Dying, Ascended Master Djehuty lays out an in-depth explanation of what soul is, how it works, and how your human life is an expression of soul. Djehuty offers that soul is a portion of divine consciousness choosing separate itself off for a while and live human lives.

Djehuty explains how experiences impact us as humans and how the emotional imprints can linger in our fields. Then he describes how to move these energies out of our bodies, altering how we relate to our histories and past pain.

But what has come to us that left us imprinted emotionally is actually vibrated to us by the wisdom of soul as it learns how to be human.

From the book:

“All that is in your life that stays or lingers represents experiences by which your soul intends that you become confronted so that you have opportunities to learn to make the right sorts of choices in response. Humans, mostly, do not like to feel pain and so will avoid it, but it’s also true that things that confuse you create tension that can turn into pain. So even if you are willing to be aware of painful situations in order to work through them, how long are you willing to exist within the tension of confusion that creates ongoing and deepening pain? Not many of you are willing to do this before really getting just how important it is to work through what is painful. To create willingness to do so, it is important to understand the logic according to which your soul operates, which determines much of what comes to you in life.”

The book details the logic of soul, which differs from the human kind that we use to navigate the world and run our lives. When you understand why your soul brings the experiences to you that it does, your conception of what it means to be a human and how you live will change for the better – and for good.

Now through April 4th it’s available as a PDF e-book through my site. On April 5th I’ll launch it via Kindle and Amazon for wider distribution. Stay tuned for that announcement.