Transit Lab: Saturn Conjunct Natal Sun and More Breaking Rocks

Homes for Charged Tiger Iron Pieces
Homes for Charged Tiger Iron Pieces

In a post in January, I explained my Sun being transited by Saturn (conjunction) in terms of the work I was beginning with crystals. Tiger iron was the thing that began this process, and since then I’ve been offering charged tiger iron stones for use in healing and meditation. Over 30 of those charged pieces have found homes on 3 continents (see picture to the left), and I’ve been hearing great things about the effects they’re having on people’s lives.

Along the way, I’ve been drawn to get small amounts of other crystals. Much research has been done by my brain, lead along by Ascended Master Djehuty, Archangel Metatron, and other guides. The research begins with internet searching and reading online and in books what others have to say about these stones and their properties, sorting out quite a lot of information to find what feels true for me. In several cases, reading one phrase or sentence has served as the trigger for all that I’ve been exploring with a particular crystal to begin to make sense. By that point, I’ve been sitting with a kind of stone off and on for days, feeling into it but, often, not having words to go with the feeling.

When I began all of this, I thought that the heaviness and hardness of tiger iron (including learning to cut and polish it, then charge it) fit the transit of Saturn conjuncting my Sun well. It’s physical work of a kind I haven’t done in a while. And dragging pounds of rocks with me on my bike 2 or 3 times each week to the lapidary club shop is noticed by my back and shoulders. I’ve felt that it’s been a call to get more Saturn-like, to do something challenging that takes time, effort, and labor. Something that isn’t easy for me to learn as many things have been.

I’ve been kind of surprised to learn lately that Djehuty & Metatron have more suggestions about different kinds of crystals to be charged and serve different purposes. (Read more posts on some of these explorations.) Well, the fact doesn’t surprise me as much as the breadth of their plans within plans that are being revealed now!

Let’s call the tiger iron bit phase I. Over the last week, Metatron explained the purpose of phase II, which has been in the works since February, when I was strongly guided to buy a 17.5-pound rock labeled as tiger iron but I didn’t think was really tiger iron. Or thought it was but couldn’t be sure. Lots of back-and-forth with that one until I finally cut into it 2 weeks ago – you have to be motivated to bike with it to the shop with all the other projects you’re working on, and it took time for it to feel right. Last week he showed me a few things and it began to make sense.

Last night, I was nudged by Djehuty to sit with slabs of that stone that have been cut so far from that big rock and, after a bit, to read more (again) about what others say about this rock’s metaphysical properties. When I happened upon one particular phrase on one site, I got it … things fell into place. Djehuty then started talking at me what he wants me type about it and why we’re working with and charging it. Or will do so – I’m still getting slabs cut and working out logistics for phase II, which I just learned about.

And that’s all cool. It shows me that Saturn transiting my natal Sun means more work than I had realized, but also that there’s greater depth to the plan on the table that will help me integrate Saturn’s lessons of hard work, efficiency, practicality, and developing and executing a long-term goal. Sometimes when we realize how big or long-ranging the Saturn plan in front of us is, we get tired from feeling overwhelmed and may try to avoid the thing that is calling out to be done. But it feels good. I’m up to it – I know I can make this happen, and it’s showing me how to get organized and focused in a way that will ensure it.

Because, as it turns out, all of these suggestions in fact answer long-held questions I’ve been asking of them and my other guideshow I can reach certain goals, what do I need to do in order to get to this place and that level? How can I effectively have the impact on my world that I want to have? What needs to happen? What do I need to do to get there?

And so last night, I channeled about 3k words from Djehuty for when what I’m calling phase II is released. There will be a free PDF from him explaining what the whole thing is about – why this particular stone and why this particular kind of channeled charge will be given to it (all TBA).

This morning I was shown phase III – all about a particular purpose for a 3rd kind of crystal I’ve been exploring and researching – which is where the surprise at the long-termness and involvedness of the suggestions came from. He showed me that the order of these 3 crystals being charged and becoming available fit within a particular plan that answers some of those questions I’ve been holding about how to get where I want to go.

When doing research last night, I was strongly leaning toward purchasing over 50 pounds of rough material, which is a lot! I wondered if it was my mind simply being distracted by the pretty colors (I find this stone gorgeous and transfixing almost beyond reason, even the parts of it that others don’t find very pretty), so I stepped back. I saw that my shiny-thing interest was in fact undergirded by a strong sense of guidance to stock up on the crystal for an as-yet-unknown purpose. And then this morning I read something that made it make sense, and the plan was revealed.

The thing that amazes me is that everything about crystals used to go in one ear and out the other. I could read or be told about a particular stone dozens of times and never seem to grasp more than half a key word or its color. Learning about them has come through experience, which is slow and requires a lot of time, attention, and patient research – all fodder for Saturn transits. And since it’s on my Sun, it’s changing who I think I am.

It’s humbling to be guided in this way, and refreshing to know with certainty that my questions are being answered. I’ve known answers come, but this is really, seriously reinforcing what I’ve been shown about being guided toward my goals. Because Saturn is transiting my Sun now, at least some answers will need to involve hard work, patience, and holding a long-term vision, and it feels really good.