A client gives me feedback on her charged red jasper crystal

brj1“I started working with the charged brecciated red jasper stone I received from Tom a little over a month ago, and the effects have been nothing short of profound.

“Emotional/spiritual effects: I consider myself an empath and sensitive who sometimes experiences energetic imbalances, chronically placing others’ needs above my own and even confusing other people’s feelings/needs for my own. After carrying the stone with me after about one week, I felt I was becoming extraordinarily clear about ‘what’s mine and what’s not’ and actually felt corrections in my energy field regarding matters of give-and-take. Even others at work have responded differently to me; some of them who traditionally have tried to dump their work on me are actually correcting themselves. I am much less energetically affected by other people’s ‘stuff’ and don’t get as angry/bothered by other people’s emotions (all the while, keeping my empathic and compassionate nature intact). This, in turn, has boosted my self-confidence and propensity toward self-care. The effects seem so effortless and clean. I could see how this stone could really benefit anyone with codependency issues or issues stemming from improper boundaries within relationships. 

RJ029“Physical effects: For years, I’ve experienced the clockwork severe cramping and crippling pain that accompany endometriosis. Also, for the past four years or so, I have noticed that my menstrual pain has been focused and limited to my left ovary .After working with the stone for just a month, I felt a shift. During my first day of menstruation, the pain and sensation gravitated toward my right side and so was more balanced across my midsection. It was the most painful period I have had in years. As I was doubled over in tears, I kept reminding myself that Djehuty mentioned that oftentimes it gets worse before it gets better. I intuitively/instinctively knew that this pain was good. I have been acutely aware of how some of my fears had created this imbalance. I also gained some insight on how I have cocreated this condition to teach me something about some of my energies/behaviors. I felt a huge release afterward, like a wave had crashed, and I feel I am now learning how to nurture myself more effectively, more assertively, more proactively. In addition, I am gaining insight into issues regarding trust, intimacy, and vulnerability. I am able to clearly see how I’ve guarded and shielded myself and my creative energies because of these issues and am in the process of dissolving and softening this. It is immensely powerful and feels like it’s getting at the core of what has held me back for years.

“I am so grateful to be working with this stone. I can’t thank you enough, Tom, Djehuty, and Metatron!”

–  JJS, Tucson AZ

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