Transforming the Effects of Abuse MP3 is available

Last week I channeled Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron for a unique and important event to clean up and clear out the effects of abuse in your energy field.

“Transforming the Effects of Abuse” is the latest in a series of calls to transform energies and emotions that we carry that hold us back and drag us down. Previous events were for clearing energy/emotion in general, transforming self-doubt, and transforming depression and anxiety.

Djehuty & Metatron provide the opportunity for you to meet their level of consciousness. When you agree to do this and give them permission to do energy work on you, you are aligned with them. All the decisions they ask you to make are, therefore, made with their level of confidence and positive intention. They are powerful allies and they offer their support – and I love bringing them through!

Those who hear the MP3 get the same effect as being on the call live. I regularly receive rave reviews and feedback from people whether they were on a live call or heard the MP3 days or months later.

brj1You can also check out the charged red jasper crystals I now offer. They’re bookmarks to the frequencies of these two beings and activate the 2nd chakra in positive ways. Relationships and boundaries, money and sex, and how others treat us and how we treat them relate to this energy center. People who have them now are reporting better boundaries and knowing clearly what in others’ behaviors and opinions don’t belong in their lives – they’re better able to see immediately that someone else’s issue is not their own.

Hear the first 10 minutes of the Mp3 to get a feel for it and read more about the event and order the 92-minute MP3 here.