Robin Williams’s Death Brings Up a Lot; Healing Suicide Resources

coverTonight’s The Soul’s Journey radio show will be a karmic profile of Robin Williams, as his death this week has brought up a lot of pain and heartache about suicide for many people. I’ll take a compassionate look at his multilife journey as described in his birth chart, and discuss how depression and suicide fit in with it.

Williams’s natal Pluto is near his Midheaven, making him in various ways in many lives a public example of intense, Plutonian stuff. In this life, at least, this includes suicide. His wife asks us to remember his life and not focus on his death, but in the short term, that’s going to be hard for many.

If a man who has made us laugh so much over decades doesn’t see the point in continuing, what hope do the rest of us have for persevering through life’s tough times?

Tonight’s radio show will put his life and death in context, and I’m looking forward to offering you my life-affirming, empowering take on him and his life.

I offer a free 68-minute MP3 and its transcript (PDF) through my site titled Healing Suicide. It’s channeled from Djehuty and is a powerful tool for healing, release, and understanding. I’m told that it’s the most powerful thing I’ve channeled, and we’re ready to heal our pain about this fact of life and understand what it’s about and how it affects the soul and emotional body over many lives.

Read more about it in a past blog post, which contains the links to the MP3 and PDF. The transcript is also available in Kindle.

Pass the word onto others who are in need of some understanding and healing regarding suicide. From the soul’s perspective, it’s not a mystery, and we’re ready to learn to make peace with what our souls and the souls of others choose and experience.