“Clearly, I am safe and supported.”

august2014energyworkFrom a woman doing most of the daily energy work & channeling calls this month (click the pic at left for details):


“Just wanted to check in. So much is happening. I’m not living out of my car anymore. I’ve rented a place. My ex husband took almost all of our stuff so I had nothing to put in my new home.  A wealthy aunt who I had not been close with came out of nowhere and is furnishing the whole place and bought dishes sheets,  etc., everything I need to live. One of my coworkers who lives in a fabulous high rise condo let me stay in his place while he is on vacation, which gives me a place to sleep until bed and other furniture are delivered.

“It’s like I am living a fairy tale.

“It’s interesting because I have all that not belonging with family stuff in my [astrology] chart and all of the sudden I am being embraced by family.

“Clearly,  I am safe and supported. What looked like it could have been a Pyrrhic victory is so the opposite of that. I’ve gotten rid of all the energy from my ex husband and am not taking on his issues or anybody else’s. He does not push my buttons anymore. And when I experience what looks like a set back,  like not being able to rent the first place I wanted because unbeknownst to me, my ex had also been interested in the place and the landlord did not want to get in the middle,  I just take a step back and go with it and know it is for the best. Then end up finding a much better place with cheaper rent in a better location.

“I’ve been joining the daily energy work on most days.  The calls and our call in July and previous calls are having a huge effect. Thank you and keep it coming.”

-M., Pennsylvania

So far this month, I’ve hosted a daily 20-minute conference call meditation and Metatron, Djehuty, and I do energy work on all callers. It’s changing people’s lives, helping them overcome all kinds of fears, anxieties, confusions, and self-doubts. It’s helping them clean up existing relationships and transition out of those that are ending or ended long ago but they haven’t been able to release them.

It’s entirely inspiring, and I hope you can join in for the remainder of the month. Each day at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern for 20 minutes (details here). It’s a relatively brief check-in, but the effects are real. People are using it to destress from the day, get connected to their guidance team (even those who have never worked with their guides before or didn’t know they had any), and get present.

I can’t say enough good things about how this process is going for me, too. Working with Metatron daily means being shown what I do that distracts me from what’s important, and what I believe and do that gets in my way. Things are much less stressful for me – more simple, straightforward. Less effort to create and experience more meaning. More willingness to be present and enjoy things instead of always planning for the next thing. And, to be honest, I’m kind of hooked.

I hope you can join in! Be in touch with questions.