Day 21 update: My experience with daily energy work/channeling

august2014energyworkEarlier this month, I produced 7 videos to share my experience prepping for and doing the daily energy work & channeling calls, bringing through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Details of the calls can be had by clicking on the pic to the left, and you can do Day 7 for free here.

Today, it’s a blog post. I’m saving my voice after a busy week.

This week I’ve had experiences zeroing intuitively on the source and cause of health issues both within myself and others. This is a major part of the work I do with others, but this week it was immediate. And there are some things about my own body’s messages that aren’t always clear, and this week clarity was in play in loud ways.

There’s one thing happening that I’m not entirely clear about, but am working with the energy of it. Two nights ago I went to bed with what felt like a lead weight in my midsection, as though I ate a dozen of the heaviest, greasiest, most awful burritos ever made. My dinner that night had been a small portion of raw salmon, a handful of spinach, and some rice bread, so I knew it wasn’t what I ate.

I decided not to go into fear mode about it. Earlier in the week, the clarity with body-based communication (our bodies are always manifesting messages about how our beliefs and choices are working out) had inspired me, and I decided to be open to letting this thing tell me what it was all about. No info came, but I knew it would move.

The next morning I woke with no appetite, the lead weight having shifted somewhat. At times, it was worse than at others, and I kept feeling into it. But, still, no info came. That day I ate little though I had a full schedule (2 coaching calls, a tutoring call, the energy work call, and a live radio show in the evening). Before the show I realized I had a fever and suddenly was achy all over my body.

I knew that energy is trying to move – trying to get burned off. The fever broke in the last 5 minutes of the show, so I was dripping when I signed off – kind of funny.

This morning I biked to the store to get some groceries. After I got home, I felt like I needed to belch. I went back to the same store to get soda with stevia, which definitely induces belching. The lead weight finally started to feel better after two cans of soda and the air escapes following it.

Now it’s about half gone, and it feels right to have more soda tomorrow and keep belching, but not force it today. I ate lightly in the morning and then a meal at lunch, so that’s back on track, and still I don’t have words for what is moving out.

The 3rd chakra is where this is. What’s happening is that some kind of fear, shame, guilt, regret, or doubt related to this energy center is coming up to be released. If I were to go into fear about it, then I’d likely hold onto it, and as it stayed in my body, my body would try to manifest something from it.

I believe this happened because I’ve been daily telling Metatron in my meditations that I’m willing to surrender to his reflection of me, which includes what I do that doesn’t help me, or blocks me. He is intense in his reflections, inviting us to face the truth about the vibrations we create and emit. He attempts to inspire us to be fiercely loving and loyal to ourselves and burn off resistance to what is in our highest good.

It’s humbling to be shown daily how you hold yourself back from your goals, but I appreciate the opportunity to become a better version of me (Metatron’s phrase).

So, I don’t know what the thing is, but I know what the 3rd chakra is about, and I know that holding myself up to Metatron’s gaze daily will begin – at some point – to purge unhealthy energies.

And I don’t need to know what it is. I just need to keep willing that it move out in whatever ways work best and stay open to letting it go. I need to stay our of fear mode and appreciate what my body is doing and telling me – it’s helping me see what does and doesn’t work.

If you’re interested in other possible effects of doing this kind of daily energy work, check out the free MP3 I recorded this month to shed light on them. And if you’re into checking out what a daily call is like, listen to/do Day 7, which I’ve made available for free.