A testimonial from another woman on the daily energy work calls

august2014energyworkFrom a woman in Boston, after joining the daily calls the 2nd week in August following a vacation:

“I find my following of the grounding mp3 goes much better since starting these pm meditations.  I have less of my mind racing, better grounding. And often clear physical sensations, during and after and before, which are completely amazing to me, since I tend to be all up in my head.
“The one that’s been really effective for me was the Aug11 theme of clearing the past.  At first I drew a blank on a past issue that needed resolution, and then halfway through I was thinking, “Oh, here’s a better one…” and then the day after there were all sorts of things stirred up, a lot of things I’d thought I was totally over, all right there.  And all in a good way.  Things that come up now, I’m better able to phrase as, ‘Well, I’m a special and unique person finding new ways to associate in groups, and part of that will involve attracting challenging people to me so that I can learn to be really good at it, and work with people without giving up my self-definition  [Natal Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node.] And once we’re all set with that, this temporary situation will dissolve.’  Which is huge for me, to deal with the present tense things and approach them positively in realtime.”
-L., Boston
Everyone has a different experience with the daily calls. Each day is an invitation to open to the support of our guidance team, appreciate the body for what it tells us (it’s always showing us through health how our beliefs and choices are working out), and cease regretting the past and fearing the future. Whatever a person needs to get present is covered in these calls, making them fantastic tools to give grounded boost to your evolution.
My own process this month has been as amazing as those callers are emailing me with. Looking forward to having you join in!
Details on the next TBA, but it’s likely October. Then I’ll offer an option for the daily calls alone ad hoc (as I’m doing now) and a second option for all the daily calls plus the MP3s for those who cannot make the scheduled time of the call but want to participate daily.
Stay tuned for details, and call in each night at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern if you can!