Daily Energy Work: 28 Down, 3 To Go

august2014energyworkWe’ve done 28 of the 31 daily energy work/channeling calls for the month. Positive feedback continues to come in from regular callers, and I’m finding their results heartening.

I’m glad to have done this each day during the month. The quality of the calls – the openness of me as a channel – has increased over the month, which is exciting. Doing this daily was for me kind of an experiment, as I didn’t at the outset know how I might manage it. Help from Metatron was regular and consistent, as he showed me how my choices, patterns, and habits on a daily basis affected me energetically. I asked him to help me see how I could make this work, and he showed me clearly.

Now, near the end of the month, I can see radical shifts in how frustrated I get day-to-day with either unexpected things or those that don’t work as expected. I’ve also reconnected with the messages of my body (a major theme during each call this month), being able to thank my body when it speaks to me instead of going into some sort of fear mode when I have a pain or some discomfort for any reason.

It’s an amazing process to go through, and I’m hearing similar things from others. Some report finally feeling/noticing the presence of their spirit guides in their lives. Others report not going into fear modes when things happen that would in the past have sent them straight there. Others report trusting life more and being open to seeing that all that’s in their lives serves a purpose, even if they hadn’t seen it before.

If you’re interested in joining in for the last 3 days, click the graphic above to get all the details in a PDF.

A caller asked me today about payment, now that we’re close the end of the month. The deal is that each caller will count the number of calls he or she participated in, and send me $5-10 per call. It’s a sliding scale and very affordable, meant to inspire you to begin a daily practice and not have to shell out a ton to get some support.

If you’ve been doing the calls and know how many days you’ve done or will do by the end, feel free to contact me to initiate the payment process.

And be aware that we’ll do this again for 22 days in October, and during that run you’ll have the option of calling in and/or getting the MP3s daily, opening it up for those who can’t make the time of the calls. Some people with particular work and family schedules reported not being able to call in this month, and in October all will be able to get the MP3s. I’ll announce the details around the 1st of the month.

I hope you can join in to the remaining 3 calls and connect with the wisdom and self-loving confidence of Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master DZjehuty (a.k.a. St. Germain, Thoth, and Merlin). It’s changing lives for the better.