Day 31 of Daily Energy Work/Channeling is Today


Click on the graphic to get the details for tonight’s call if you can make it at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

It’s been an interesting month, to say the least. I’ve taken what I do with clients and workshop participants from time to time and made it a daily practice, fostering connection with Metatron, Djehuty, and spirit guides. A big part of this is grounding to the Earth daily and moving out energies, attitudes, and beliefs that don’t work for people.

For me, this is normal … but not always daily. This month it became a daily practice and I learned what it takes to hold space for others to experience this each day.

This means that I sat down with Archangel Metatron each day during the month and took on his high level of vibration. He holds up a mirror to a person to show what he or she does, consumes, uses, thinks, and believes that disempowers him or her or leaks energy. This month for me, then, has been an exercise in being willing to have that intense gaze focused on me.

If one is willing to experience that, he or she can’t help but see life change from the inside out. I’ve dropped behaviors because they very clearly aren’t helping me, changed eating patterns, become less reactive to frustrating situations, and been able to be more heart-open to all in my life.

Most days when I sat down with him to prep for the night’s call, I told him that “I’m ready.” This is to tell him that I’m open to submitting to his view of me as I am – given those behaviors, choices, and reactions – and how it compares to the best version of me that he can always see. It’s humbling, as you may be thinking. But it’s all kind – intense, but supportive. He holds space for anyone willing to hang out with him to become stronger through admitting the truth about current behaviors, etc., and becoming willing to shed what doesn’t work.

It used to be that being with him was too intense for me to do regularly. He taught me how to moderate the effects of bringing him through, and we did these calls each day this month. One more – tonight is the last night.

From callers, to give you an idea of what others have been experiencing:

“…there’s often a feeling like things are easier than I expect.  Or I’m adjusting my expectations in a way that isn’t lowering them but putting them out there in a better way.”

Last night we had a pretty good shake from an earthquake centered in Napa area 6.1. I didn’t feel afraid! Usually I go right into fear mode, jumping up into the doorway.

Clearly,  I am safe and supported.  What looked like it could have been a Pyrrhic victory is so the opposite of that. I’ve gotten rid of all the energy from my ex husband and am not taking on his issues or anybody else’s. He does not push my buttons anymore.

We’re doing this again in October for 22 days, from the 1st to the 22nd. I’ll post an announcement with all the details tomorrow, when this month is officially complete.

One of the things I learned through this month is that 31 days are too many for me. I haven’t shared this publicly because the calls themselves are getting better and better, and I want people to take advantage of the scheduled calls – I didn’t want to curtail the number of days, especially since the work is getting better and better.

But at times since day 24 or so, my voice has seemed to threaten to go. It doesn’t, but I have a tired sensation in my 5th chakra, where a lot of the channeling energy flows. It’s as if it’s simply slightly overworked. The 5th in my mind is where we surrender our personal power to what we know is true, and in some ways it’s the most important chakra for channeling. In the 5th, you circumvent the natural controlling tendencies of the linear, logical mind (6th chakra) through surrendering to a vibration that resonates as true beyond a sense of brain-based logic.

My voice is fine, and I know that as of tomorrow, my 5th chakra will begin to relax. I’m still doing client and tutoring work – and have been all month – but have had to rest more and use my voice less overall (which is hard for Sagittarius Moon-Mercury in the 3rd!). In October we’re doing this for 22 days to make the process more manageable for me.

Also in October, there will be the option of getting the MP3s with the daily calls, so you can call in whenever you can (if at all) but still have access to the MP3s daily so you can do the meditations and get the energy work when your schedule allows. That means that people all over the world can benefit from this even if they can’t make the scheduled time of the call.

Stay tuned for all the details tomorrow for October’s round. I’ve learned a ton about doing this awesome stuff as a daily practice, how it affects and helps me, and how holding this space for others helps them change their outlooks and experience of life and themselves. It’s inspiring, and I’m truly looking forward to doing it again and reaching more people with the MP3 option in October.