Announcing Daily Energy Work with MP3s in October

october2014Click the graphic for full details about October’s 22 days of meditation, energy work, and channeling.

August’s daily calls were so successful that we’re doing it again in October! “We” is me, Archangel Metatron, and Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin.

This time there’s the option of getting the MP3s during the month or whenever you want. Last time, the MP3s were not available as I wanted to emphasize doing the live calls.

There are two options for October: The full set of 22 MP3s plus the option to call in to any or all (or none) of the daily calls for a set price, or to call in when you can on the same sliding scale as we did in August. Details are on my site here.

Establishing a daily practice can be challenging. The mind’s blocks and fears, and residues of old stuff in our bodies, jobs, homes, and relationships of all kinds can get in the way. Also, if we don’t know that we have a team of spirit guides to support us, we may block the help they are always trying to give us, making sitting down with them feel too hard. Doing this work daily with us gives you obvious support and, of course, tons of validation and encouragement. You’re not alone in wanting to improve your life and needing some support and guidance to make it happen. Doing this daily with us is, perhaps, the easiest way to wake yourself up and step into a daily practice.

During these calls and MP3s opens the door to connecting with guidance, even if you’ve never done so and haven’t been sure that you have any helpers. You do – each of us does. It’s one of the automatic perks to being human, but we have to be willing to open to them.

Making the MP3s available during October’s 22 days of work is to help you establish a daily practice. You can use the MP3s whenever you want, making them a fantastic way to inspire you to sit down every day and let go of what isn’t serving you.

Until the end of September 20th, the full MP3 set and the option to call into all the daily calls (if you want to/can) is $180. As of September 21st, $195.

If you decide after October 1st to do this, you can sign up for the MP3/daily call option. It may mean that to do one daily means being behind the live calls, but it’s all good. You should do what feels best to do re timing.

Reasons to do this work include:

  • Get grounded daily. Get in your body. Ground and root emotions. Be more focused. Be less reactive to noise and static while more responsive to what’s important.
  • Reduce stress and increase relaxation. Reduce anxiety. Curb depressiveness.
  • Connect to guidance daily – find out that you’re not alone and learn to be more receptive to help and support on a regular basis.
  • Clear blocks to connecting to guidance.
  • Retrain and reorient parts of you to change life issues for the better.
  • Gently shift out of negative patterns.
  • Develop or redevelop a positive relationship with your body and emotions.
  • Learn simple, powerful techniques to move energy including clearing negativity, judgment, pessimism, sadness, and grief, whether of self or other.
  • Learn empowering affirmations that will raise your vibration, improving your quality of life.
  • Some callers may experience improvement with certain physical/health issues as their fields are strengthened and old, unneeded energies are cleared out (the physical body always conforms to energy/consciousness).

This work will change your life! Connecting to Metatron and Djehuty daily will expose you to a higher vibration that will help you come out of negativity, reactivity, grief, dwelling on the past, and many other things that need to go.

I’m excited to take September off, and excited about the prospect of another round of this life-enhancing work in October. Be in touch with questions.