Collected Feedback from Callers to August’s Daily Energy Work/Channeling

august2014energyworkTonight at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern I’ll do a debrief call for all who participated in August’s daily energy work/channeling/meditation calls. The number is the same as for the daily calls, available in the PDF containing the details. It’s a chance for you to discuss your experience if you called in at all, and share notes with others who went through a similar process during the month. I may also share some notes on my experience now that the month is complete.

Later today I’ll announce the details for doing daily work like this for 22 days in October – including the MP3s for later use. Here I want to collect some of the feedback I’ve received from callers to August 2014’s daily calls to give you an idea of what some people experienced after connecting with Metatron and Djehuty each day, releasing old and unhelpful energies, and deciding to let their guides and helpers come in.

From Karen in Vancouver, BC:
Hi Tom,
What I am most grateful for from the energy sessions.
The daily practise.
My new relationship to the chakras and the daily grounding.
This work has enhanced and strengthened me and my relationship to others.
Many times during the energy session the little details or comments were exact connections to my experience during the day. Synchronicity has been intensified.
The dreams I’ve been having are more vibrant and detailed.
Gaining an understanding of how the guides are communicating is an interesting experience.
Of huge importance to me is to let go of the energy of others, expressing myself when I think there might be discomfort involved and being aware of self care (something that at times is difficult as a mother). These I have been practising for the past month and getting good results.
It was days in to the energy work when I realized I had not taken L-theanine nor relora for stress; I had been on it daily for many months because of a stressful situation in my extended family. The words to describe how I felt when I noticed are ‘that is awesome’.
One afternoon I was in the middle of reading and got the urge to meditate just out of the blue; after the meditation I got an answer to an idea I was thinking about for an art project. I had been puzzling over it day after day.
Two visits from my deceased mother, one in a dream and the other during the energy session. During the energy work I felt something next to me (I was thinking what’s that) and without opening my eyes I turned my head and saw my Mom’s face right close up to my face. She just looked at me like her being there was just the most natural thing. It makes me laugh to remember it.
My desire for coffee is gone, makes me feel ill if I drink it. I hadn’t been thinking of giving up coffee recently but it was a desire from the past. There are days I cannot eat anything solid, my water consumption has increased and I have had a few afternoon naps because I am so tired (something which is rare for me).
I have stayed away from chakra work for many years because I once fell asleep listening to a chakra tape and I woke up in the middle of it with nightmares. The nightmares continued through many nights and I attributed it to the chakra tape. I would see red hot faces come close to me. I am not normally a person who has nightmares; often I know I am dreaming so there is no fear.
Take care,

From Maureen in California:
I feel so much more in my power. My husband got really mad at me a few days ago. Usually I play into it and get angry too. Not this time! I knew it wasn’t rooted in truth so it didn’t bother me.
Thank you, Metatron, and Djehuty so much for an awesome month of healing 🙂

From M. in Pennsylvania:
Just wanted to check in.  So much is happening.   I’m not living out of my car anymore.  I’ve rented a place.  My ex husband took almost all of our stuff so I had nothing to put in my new home.   A wealthy aunt who I had not been close with came out of nowhere and is furnishing the whole place and bought dishes sheets,  etc., everything I need to live.  One of my coworkers who lives in a fabulous high rise condo let me stay in his place while he is on vacation, which gives me a place to sleep until bed and other furniture are delivered.

It’s like I am living a fairy tale.

It’s interesting because I have all that not belonging with family stuff in my chart and all of the sudden I am being embraced by family.

Clearly,  I am safe and supported.  What looked like it could have been a Pyrrhic  victory is so the opposite of that. I’ve gotten rid of all the energy from my ex husband and am not taking on his issues or anybody else’s. He does not push my buttons anymore. And when I experience what looks like a set back,  like not being able to rent the first place I wanted because unbeknownst to me, my ex had also been interested in the place and the landlord did not want to get in the middle,  I just take a step back and go with it and know it is for the best. Then end up finding a much better place with cheaper rent in a better location.

I’ve been joining the daily energy work on most days.  The calls and our call in July and previous calls are having a huge affect. Thank you and keep it coming.

From a client in Boston doing many of the calls:
I find my following of the grounding mp3 goes much better since starting these pm meditations.  I have less of my mind racing, better grounding. And often clear physical sensations, during and after and before, which are completely amazing to me, since I tend to be all up in my head.
The one that’s been really effective for me was the Aug11 theme of clearing the past.  At first I drew a blank on a past issue that needed resolution, and then halfway through I was thinking, “Oh, here’s a better one…” and then the day after there were all sorts of things stirred up, a lot of things I’d thought I was totally over, all right there.  And all in a good way.  Things that come up now, I’m better able to phrase as, ‘Well, I’m a special and unique person finding new ways to associate in groups, and part of that will involve attracting challenging people to me so that I can learn to be really good at it, and work with people without giving up my self-definition  [Natal Mars in Aquarius conjunct the North Node.] And once we’re all set with that, this temporary situation will dissolve.’  Which is huge for me, to deal with the present tense things and approach them positively in real time.
-L., Boston

Stay tuned for details on October’s 22 days of calls – later today.