Beginning October 1st: Daily Energy Work/Meditation Calls with MP3s

october2014Click on the graphic to the left to read all the details and register for this transformative experience.

For 22 days in October, I’ll bring through Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) to tune you to their level of empowered, self-confident, self-loving vibration.

If you’ve ever done affirmations, you know that repeatedly upgrading the vibration of your thoughts changes your life for the better. What I do on these daily calls with Metatron and Djehuty gives an unparalleled boost to that process.

When you are connected to their fields through me, when you make the empowering, self-loving decisions they ask on each call/MP3, things move as if you did an affirmation for weeks or months. It’s an amazing process and people are using them as opportunities to get where they want to go in and with their lives.

Click here to read more including getting a link to what callers had to say about their experiences in August, when I did this daily but did not offer the MP3s. This time, you can order the MP3s and use them daily – and whenever and for as long as you want – even if you can’t make the time of the daily call, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern.

You also have the option of not getting the MP3s and calling in whenever you want – the call-in details are published on a PDF linked on the page linked above. I recommend getting the MP3s because you can us them to establish or revitalize a daily practice with Metatron and Djehuty, a meditative process that upgrades your energy field and consciousness as it clears out what doesn’t work and what you can’t use. You can use the MP3s forever, making them a fantastic investment for your spiritual and all other levels of health.

I had a wonderful experience being the facilitator of this process for 31 days in August. Before each call I sat down to connect with Metatron, who’s pretty intense. I got into a deeply grounded state and altered my frequency to connect with and to be able to carry his, and each day I told him that I’m ready to see his reflection of me. That is a way of saying that I opened to see his vision of my best self so I could clean things up in my world. It worked, and I’m feeling overall better than ever because I’ve been able to edit out certain reactions, thoughts, and choices that left me unhappy and feeling stuck before.

We’re starting the 22 days on Wednesday, October 1st at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern – looking forward to bringing these energies to you to help you change your life for the better!