New: Programmed Labradorite for Intuition/Symbolic Sight

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Pictured here: The first set of programmed/charged labradorite for stimulating intuition and uncovering the causes behind things.

On my labradorite page you can hear a 34-minute mp3 on what they’re for and how to use them. I recorded it while charging the first set and highly recommend hearing it if you’re at all interested in these remarkable stones. Part of it covers the link between the 3rd and 6th chakras, the seats of two different kinds of intuition, as well as how to link them, which brings out a level of intuition that can create a serenity in accepting things for how they are and seeing when change is needed.

These days, I use a programmed labradorite crystal in all of my consultations and classes. It helps me hear the energy and inspiration behind the words, so I’m hearing both at the same time. On one level, this is a skill that all can develop. I teach that in various classes, in fact. With one of these labradorite pieces, simple questions are immediately answered: What’s the energy here? Is it fear or faith? Where is this person coming from? What informs this? What can be addressed to change it?

But, as I’m listening, I’m listening between the lines and also discerning the source. What belief leads this person to this position? What inspired this person to think, believe, choose, or do that?

I think it brings out my natural psychic tendencies, though I never officially call myself a psychic. We all have that ability. I’ve spent over a decade developing intuition not to see the future or predict, but to discern the causes of things. I believe strongly that, due to free will, there’s no such thing as what we think of as the future.

Using a labradorite piece intentionally (as the mp3 linked above explains how to do), I’ve been able to fine-tune my capacity to listen to a person and get insights into the thing behind what they think/believe is going on. When you use one, it might take a bit of time to adjust peacefully to the effect. Appearances might slip or melt away, leaving you surprised because you’re now in possession of information/insight that makes it impossible to respond to a situation as you used to.

Therefore, if you have in any way derived identity from what in your life frustrates, confuses, or hurts you, you’re in for an amazing, beautiful, wonderful disruption: An inability to repeat those old reactions that never worked and never served anyone including you.

So, using one of these programmed pieces, you have to intentionally develop new choices – responses to situations from a grounded place. For more, check out the labradorite page and give the mp3 a listen.

Be in touch with questions to find out if a programmed labradorite or other crystal is right for you. At this stage, I offer 5 different charged stones to serve different purposes.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new onyx pieces for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via