Programmed Onyx Available Again

onyxset2The first set of black onyx went pretty quickly, meaning that there are 17 people around the world now with a seed for Plutonian healing and empowerment in their purses, pockets, or homes.

The 2nd set is now charged, and you have a choice between black onyx and banded onyx.

I picked up some of the latter at the gem show here in Tucson last month. It will have the same effects for Plutonian clearing and strengthening as the black onyx.

What I’m hearing from people who’ve bought programmed pieces from the first set includes being more willing to look at fears and know that they’re not going to break down in the face of them – Plutonian empowerment. Also that a new sense of confidence slowly begins to reveal itself. The effects tend to be subtle or slow to begin with these stones, as A.M. Djehuty points out in the 26-page document about trauma, PTSD, and programmed onyx. Read that and order a piece here.

The thing with Plutonian fear is this: When don’t embrace the fear, it controls us. Or we use it to control ourselves – a better way to put it, actually. Unlocking the rich reservoir of renewable Plutonian passion and purpose that is within each of us rests upon reinventing our relationship with fears that we have.

We can’t hope to banish fear. It’s not realistic to think we can somehow get rid of the parts of us who carry fears. The way through is to alter our relationship with fear, accepting that it exists within us and deciding to move forward with our goals anyway.

Using an energetically charged onyx piece, whether black or banded, if you decide that you are stronger than fears you have and pain you feel/have felt, you can intentionally move through redefining your relationship with your particular fears both from this life and those from your karmic memory across time.

All who get a programmed crystal can keep in touch with me via email with questions if any arise. As each person’s biography and karmic journey are unique, each person’s experience with a charged crystal will be unique.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/energetically charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new labradorite for intuition and onyx for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via