New in Kindle: Autism: Individual, Family, and Collective Invitations

autism ebk coverThis new e-book is a transcription of the channeled audio I brought through from Ascended Master Djehuty in late 2012 on autism from the perspective of soul and All That Is, a.k.a. Goddess/God, the Divine, etc.

From the Kindle listing:

Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) offers unique perspectives on autism and related situations. The soul-level intentions of those experiencing it first-hand, their families, and the human collective are explained.

This teaching explains why autism and related situations exist from the energetic/spiritual/consciousness perspective independent from what are perceived to be potential neurological and environmental causes. The bird’s-eye view on this wide-spread human reality is necessary to fully understand why anyone experiences it.

Djehuty asks us to view autism as a marker of difference, not as a problem. This perspective is central to the Autism Rights Movement, and will help humanity learn about its true multidimensional nature.

Channeled and with an introduction by Tom Jacobs.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and programmed/charged crystals for healing and meditation including the new onyx pieces for Plutonian issues of all kinds are available via