Hank Hayes’s video testimonial on crystals and energy work mp3s


Hank had been working with a programmed/charged tiger iron gifted to him by a friend while working to heal a health issue. He found it helpful enough to get the 22 daily meditation mp3s from me and wanted to do this testimonial.

The meditation mp3s he mentions involve me channeling and doing energy work with Archangel Metatron and Ascended Master Djehuty, two beings I channel and bring through for clients. Two things happen when you hear the mp3s: 1. Energy work begins as you hear their frequencies captured in my voice. 2. If open to them and invite them to work with/for you, they will do so. They exist outside time and space, and your openness and intention coupled with the sound of my voice will bring them to you. They’re always available.

Programmed crystals for healing and meditation.
22 meditation mp3s.