Trigger Warnings, Chiron, & the Music of Proud Nazis

When you hear about trigger warnings, know it’s about a misunderstanding about the purposes of pain and suffering. The notion that we have wounds that cannot be healed is a misunderstanding about the nature of Chiron.

An example: At the head of a news story about someone who was raped, the announcer warns people sensitive to issues related to rape, to let them know to turn it off if issues related to rape bother them. Or abuse of any kind – or anything that’s deeply painful.

Everywhere I’m communicating, I’m committed to an absence of trigger warnings. I talk about difficult topics that stimulate people’s pain centers all the time – and my intention is positive and healing and the effect I have tends to be, too. I’m not going to pussyfoot around what hurts, and you shouldn’t either if you want to intentionally work through it.

Caroline Myss describes an aspect of this Chironic reality as “woundology,” identifying as what has wounded us. It’s disempowering. It indicates that we are giving our power to elements of biography, which we have not yet fully learned and accepted are cocreated by soul for it to learn about the myriad possibilities of being human.

Well, we’re ready to honor our histories and emotions while deciding that we’re stronger than the pain that we’ve felt and/or still carry. I’m hereby officially letting you all in on the fact that we’re ready to own the power that’s within us, instead of forfeiting it because we’ve felt pain or have been hurt.

Being willing to feel pain and suffering and moving through it consciously is Chironic maturation. Looking our pained selves in the eye and embracing them, even as they may wail and want to shrink out of sight, is key. Bringing them compassion and loving acceptance heals all wounds. But we have to be in those feeling states WHILE we generate compassion for ourselves/our inner parts carrying pain, sadness, grief, etc.

Consider what memories you have from your life that sting when you recall them. Are you willing to decide now to honor the fact of the experience and the energetic/emotional results while being willing to feel that pain and move through it?

I’m listening to a podcast episode of Studio 360, from PRI/WNYC. A student at New England Conservatory in Boston won a competition with the prize being to have a commissioned piece performed by a NY state youth symphony. It was pulled from the program because part of a Nazi-glorifying composition is quoted within it, and the student composer did not in his program notes mention why he included it. The piece was deemed “dangerous for children.” A music critic was being interviewed in the podcast, saying that it was in his eyes not celebrating Nazism. He offered that the theme was expressed first by bassoons, which are often used to represent someone or something overblown, foolhardy, or what takes itself too seriously without good reason. Anyway, the original piece has been quoted in other works since the end of the official end of Nazism, but something’s being triggered in either the conductor, the parents of the youth symphony, or that youth symphony’s board or equivalent.

Being hypersensitive in this vein does several things that are not helpful: Creates divisiveness because you perceive a need to defend yourself against others who are harming you. Creates an illusion that you may be being persecuted. Engenders the opposite of creative dialogue. Reinforces old wounds while making it clear that you’re not willing to take responsibility. Creates energy leaks as you deflate your power of choice in favor of defending the identity as the person or group that has been hurt.

Are you the sum of your history? Do you choose to be limited by a perception that you might have or did deserve the pain you’ve experienced? Are you willing to leak your energy because the past still has power over you?

All of it can be reversed. All of your energy can be used intentionally, creating personal power through responsible choices in the moment. And making such choices on a regular basis is a major element in healing a past of disempowerment through pain and injury.

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