An Open Letter to Pluto in Leo

With grains of salt on the tongue in your cheek:

Dear Pluto in Leo,

We, the rest of the world, understand that you are dissatisfied with what surrounds you. We acknowledge that they way things are reflect a reality that you would never choose to create.

The rest of us respect that your disgruntled opinion is, in your mind, valuable currency. Sometimes we find it challenging to exist within the space of complaint you generate and carry with you as though a chosen cloud by which you mean to allow others to see you coming from afar. This is why many of the rest of us tune you and what you have to say out.

We may respond to you flatly if at all. We may turn away from your opinion leakage. We might even pop in ear buds to listen to music or podcasts. If we can, we shove ear plugs deep into our ear canals with hope of avoiding the dissatisfied and disconcerted tenor with which you sing your frustrated plight into critical verse. If these tools are not nearby and we believe in being healthy and happy, we dream of an exit that escapes your notice.

What the rest of us would like you to know is this: You are entitled to an opinion. Yes, of course you are! You certainly have the right to voice your thoughts and feelings. In fact, central to your multilife journey with Pluto in Leo is learning to develop and own an opinion, a unique perspective on all things.

But what you might not know is that the rest of us are interested in enjoying life! We have a vested interested in things that don’t involve imagined slights to your right to speak up and express yourself. When you can get over your need to make others and the world wrong for not being how you would have made them (with you at the center), you maybe will see that there is more to life than what you think and feel, and what you think and feel is wrong with all that is not you.

The rest of us would like you to think and feel what you think and feel yet, the vast majority of the time, keep it to yourself. Or journal it. Or blog. Or carve it into bleachers somewhere. Or paint a mural that shows the world as you would have created it, if only the rest of us weren’t junking the whole place up with our belief that we also have the right to think and feel and express ourselves.

We’re rooting for you, Pluto in Leo, we really are. Feel free to ask others for feedback and reflection when you notice that ear buds and ear plugs go in just after you show up. We’ll be more than happy to help you see yourself and your behavior in ways that will support you in correcting some of the imbalances incurred through many lifetimes of finding out that others’ thoughts, opinions, and feelings are more important or better than yours.

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