Energetically Charged Jet Stones Now Available

Charged Jet
Charged Jet

These stones are for grieving. They’re petrified wood and so are very light in the hand, but the effect for those who need to grieve something is substantial.

The photo here is taken in good light, which may give the impression that the stones are silvery, but they are black and with a high level of polish. The phrase “jet black” comes from this stone, actually.

They were popular in Victorian England for use in mourning jewelry, but have had a longer use as tools for grieving.

Read more and order one. On that page linked page I suggest some ways to use them intentionally. See all 8 crystals I’ve energetically charged.

There are many uses for each crystal, and you’ll find in online and printed sources a wide variety of life and health issues a stone is said to address or improve. With jet, my experience with it has been all about becoming aware of grief and learning to deal with it.

In my case, it’s an other-life thing, something happening to another manifestation of my soul elsewhere on the Earth time line. It’s something I’ve carried my whole life, and its awfulness has defined a lot about who I’ve lived my life. As I’ve carried it, I’ve wondered at times what’s the point of taking risks if everything’s going to ruined in the end. Sometimes I’ve avoided becoming or remaining connected to people because I’ve carried in real-time in my emotional field the difficult memory of loved ones dying tragically in front of me.

At this point in my life as Tom, I’m connecting with the reality that my creativity, passion, and ability to manifest what matters to me is hampered by the weight of these old memories. In several ways I’ve sought to heal the grief, but using jet now is creating a space in which I can allow these feelings to come to the surface and not be overwhelmed by them. I had to complete the Processing Trauma and Grief mp3s before I could get here, and I do recommend using them to strengthen your energetic and emotional foundation if grief is an issue for you. And now I’m free to use the jet to keep relaxing into myself and generating a loving response to the parts of me that carry this other-life pain.

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