An Open Letter to Pluto in Libra

With grains of salt on the tongue in your cheek:

Dear Pluto in Libra,

We, the rest of the world, understand that you are afraid to be alone and do things by yourself. We acknowledge that you believe that you cannot make it on your own and that you are willing to do anything to get others to like you. Often we notice that you are afraid to tell the truth because then, you seem to believe, people would find out the truth about you and hate you for what you really are: mean, cruel, selfish, and probably two-thirds in the direction of Hitler-esque.

That you are willing to manipulate others to get what you want is uglier than the secret truth about yourself you spend so much time hiding from them. You say that you want peace, justice, and equality, but no one can see who you really are and so you, in fact, make it impossible to create these things with others.

The rest of us may consider you an excellent listener if we don’t realize that you are actually gathering information about what makes us tick so that you can use it against us later. We know that this is not in your heart but that you sometimes perceive that others’ rejection of you deserves a lashing out that will make them never forget how they hurt you and what hurting you costs. You play at being nice, but then the claws come out when others overlook your quiet existence or when they do something good for themselves that makes you feel bad about yourself.

We’d like you to know that the way we approach self and other is based upon an image that each person has a unique identity and sense of self to develop and honor. If you can ever get over the pain you still carry from the fact that Renee German did not pick up on the fact that your overflowing little Venusian heart pined, ached, and, in fact continued beating for her and her alone from the ages of 8-12, you may be able to learn that others can’t – and shouldn’t be expected to – know your thoughts and feelings without you owning them and speaking up. Others are simply not able to read your mind, Pluto in Libra, and this need not be a source of unending confusion and hope-dashing heartache you should be inclined to carry with you forever.

Also, we’d like to be able to get a straight answer when we ask you a question. We encourage you to imagine that when we speak to you, the words we use are the words we intend to use. What we ask is what we want to know. The rest of us don’t approach others with a mind to dig into the depths of the other’s secret self and root out information we could use to damage them later if they don’t want to watch all-night Star Trek rerun marathons with us on a regular basis.

We’re rooting for you, Pluto in Libra, we really are. Feel free to check in with the rest of us for feedback and reflection about how you could be direct and forthright with others, and take back your opinion of self from how others do and/or don’t treat you. You’re more and better than the pain stemming from feeling snubbed by the intended recipient of overflowing unrequited love in the 3rd grade, but only you can decide that.

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