Beginning July 1st: New & Full Moon Meditations

For 18 months ending a couple of years ago, I did a monthly full moon meditation/channeling call that a lot of people opted into and enjoyed. Ascended Master Djehuty and I covered the themes of the lunation as we lead callers and listeners into a meditation to help them get key “ahas” and make empowering decisions for themselves related to the themes of the full moon.

They served as a chance to reset things in people’s heads and hearts, breaking up the normal rhythms by bringing in Djehuty’s wisdom. He sees us as our souls do, and is happy to help us alter perspective and improve our lives by shedding light on bigger pictures and making them useful to us in daily life.

I enjoyed doing those calls, and then realized it was time to marshal/conserve energy to do some bigger, deeper, more impactful channeling/energy work events, which I’ve done (see the results in the “Transforming…” event mp3s, 22 daily meditation mp3s, and Processing Trauma & Grief mp3s here and here). That several year process was entirely magickal and intense, and now it feels time to get back to this kind of regular check-in meditation work.

The set up:

1. I’ll do one for each new moon and each full moon.

2. Each will be a half hour.

3. You’ll receive an mp3 to hear on your own time.

4. The first 2 (a full moon on 01Jul15 and a new moon on 16Jul15) will be free to all, giving you a chance to sample how  it works and see the effects in your life.

After that, these meditations will be a perk for subscribers to my monthly “astrology user’s manual” service, which is already a steal given the current offerings and perks. They will be available to non-subscribers, too. I’ll post here when new ones are released, and you can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Gemini 2015 Gemini New Moon chartSubscribers to my service already get an mp3 for each lunation every month, covering its chart including the asteroids and points I use that add a lot to the stories. An example: The new moon in Gemini tomorrow has the asteroids Eros (433) and Arjunsuri (20300) conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Mars, making this Gemini story also about the need to allow and follow passion (Eros) and to trust inner guidance and wisdom (Arjunsuri). Subscriber materials routinely cover these little-used bodies, and also bring in the true Black Moon Lilith, asteroid Lilith (1181), the 4 asteroid goddesses, Persephone (399), Eris, Chiron, and Nessus.

Adding a meditation tailored to the themes of the new and full moon each month rounds everything out: Analysis and astro learning plus an experience to raise self-awareness in the form of the meditation. It feels to good to bring back meditations.

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