Asteroid & Centaur Report, 26Jun15

Friday 26Jun15 asteroid and centaur report chartAs part of a new series of posts each Friday, I’ll go over the transits of the asteroids and centaurs I use in my practice. See the first post from last week for more info.

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Ceres in Aquarius will receive a quinucunx from Eros-Sun in Cancer this week, bringing up questions about what nurturing is and who’s supposed to give it to whom. The quincunx may inspire the feeling that the two parties can’t coexist, yet this aspect can keep each on their toes, making for some juicy self-awareness. “If I can’t give that to you, what does it mean about me? About you? Um, can I need this thing? Do I get to need anything?” A solution could be in remaining open to gain an objective view on what you expect and how you relate to the reality that a) others can’t read your mind and b) they shouldn’t have to. Grounded, cogent, open communication with trusted others can reveal expectations and, even though you’re not getting what you want, make you see you’re not alone.

The square from Saturn in Scorpio to Juno in Leo is slowly tightening up, bringing a challenge to be truthful about what you’re committed to. There’s a reason you’re committed to it, but how does that stand up to the scrutiny of the planet of reality checks in the sign of deepest truth? What’s really going on here? Why are you doing this? As the questions grate on you, the process of identifying honest answers can free up some hidden tension, or tension that you’ve tried to hide because of a Leo-style rhythm (a.k.a., “I like what I like and I do what I want because I like it and that’s what I like, so there,” etc.).

Pallas Athene still retros in Sagittarius, asking you about what in your worldview is worth standing up for.  Mercury is opposing it now, bringing into clear view an observation applicable to this very moment, one that might alter your relationship with some sacred cow.  Pallas Athene is the wise warrior, and she’s in her retro period rethinking the cause she chose and how she defends it.

Vesta in Aries has passed over the South Node, making you  aware of the need to serve and, at a deeper level, get lost in service. Vesta presents the need to devote one’s self to a way of living that gives us and our time on Earth a sense of purpose. You should be seeing that of all the things on your mind, one thing keeps wanting to be picked out of the mix and elevated in importance. In Aries, it requires bold, unselfconscious action and a new beginning.

Chiron and the true Black Moon Lilith (BML) are opposed now in Pisces and Virgo, respectively.  They’re making a t-square with Pallas Athene now, actually. Chiron wants us to open to feel energy while developing healthy boundaries, effectively editing the input so we can operate as heart-open beings. Opposing the true BML, you may have momentary visceral reactions to stimulus in the world around you, little blips of reactivity to the energies of others. Square Pallas Athene, let’s add in the layer of you questioning what sacred cow about others’ energies do you cling to that may need to go? Life and your soul are always nudging you to evolve, and this style requires opening to feel on deep levels while remaining grounded and sane.

Neptune’s in a long-term dance with Nessus, setting the stage for some realizations about the true nature of embodiment here on Earth. Can you be an animal and be spiritual? Can you honor primal drives and still evolve? Of course you can. In fact, ignoring or overediting your physicality is a prime way to keep you from tapping into the divine truth of who you are. This aspect is also about boundaries, as with Nessus we might try to ferry others where they seem unprepared to go but seem to need to go and Neptune can inspire us to want to merge or, sometimes, just get lost in the moment and cease paying attention to what we’re doing and creating.

Lucifer (1930) in Cancer squares Eris-Uranus-Persephone (399) in Aries as it trines Chiron in Pisces. Lucifer in Cancer is about evaluating what you need in order to bring light to the world in some way, and asks you to open your heart to find the path to light bringing. Eris-Uranus-Persephone in Aries are just looking for some reason to rebel against the status quo. You might find in you and others a sudden, budding level of maturity regarding cleaning up relationships, a recognition that what you thought you were getting indicates where you are in your development, not the job description of the other person. Persephone’s about growing up and finding out (often to our surprise) that we’re capable. She’s with the iconoclast (Uranus) and the goddess of strife (Eris), so there’s bound to some conversational and emotional fireworks if you’re doing it right. This echoes the Sun-Ceres quincunx described above.

Sun is trine retro asteroid Lilith (1181) now, putting some juice into awareness of role-based expectations. In Scorpio, there’s something about your role in relationship that needs unearthing, and the Sun in Cancer is happy to support you in feeling something about it. This kind of thing can result in an opening into awareness after you begin acting on a feeling. Also square Ceres in Aquarius, making Ceres’s questions now underscored and highlighted, and perhaps written on the blackboard several hundred times.

Finally, Arjunsuri (20300) now leads Eros-Sun-Mars in Cancer, telling you that you need to be the final arbiter of what you should do. Always with Arjunsuri is the need to check inward and get answers. You may sometimes tend to go in mental circles and stew when a decision needs to be made (normal for many humans, and you’re one of them) but Arjunsuri leading the Cancerian party emphasizes the fact that you and only you know best. But I mean the you who’s connected to yourself, not distracted by mental noise or second-guessing because of that thing you did or didn’t do in junior high, which was probably in a previous century, after all. It’s also trine Neptune, opening a door to flow with the vibration of what is capital-T true for you … if you’re willing to relax, slow down the doing, and let truth percolate within you until you really, truly, really, actually, for triple double quadruple reals, get it.

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