Charged Auralite 23 Preorders Open Now

Auralite 23 Wands
Auralite 23 Wands

Preorders for this amazing crystal are open!

Learn more and order yours here. There I’ve posted 5 audio diary mp3s about my experiences with this crystal.

Those who preorder will be able to choose the piece that speaks to them on a first-come, first-served basis once they’re ready to go (by the end of July).

From my site:

Using auralite 23, I’m able to be aware of the negative thought and belief patterns I’m trying to release, but I am connected to a higher wisdom and don’t align with those patterns. It becomes simple and effortless not to align with them, and this is the key to living consciously and raising one’s vibration.

When first exploring this crystal, I read much about it online that came across as hyperbolic. After working with it for 4 months, I can say that this is the most transformative crystal I’ve encountered.

This makes 9 energetically programmed crystals I offer. I’m so happy to be able to offer these tools for conscious transformation! When I begin working with one, it’s all about my process, then I can share what I’ve learned and teach others to intentionally evolve using them.

I spent the last almost 5 months pushing up against my most hindering emotional/energetic/belief-based barrier, and have pushed through it using this crystal. It’s all about releasing resistance, which is sourced in old pain that no longer serves … and I’m ready to evolve beyond allowing it to hold me back from being connected with the higher wisdom that’s always with me.

11 will be charged in the first round. Get on the list.