Asteroid & Centaur Report, 03Jul15

Here’s the 3rd in a fun little series of posts to get you acquainted with the asteroids and other bodies (and one point) I use in my practice that might not yet be a fluid part of your astrovocab. See post 1 and post 2 to read the beginning of this story.

asteroid centaur classMy live video class on these bodies and point begins August 4th for 5 weeks. I’ll teach you to see the difference between myth (social instruction) and archetype (how humans are actually wired) in the 11 archetypes covered here. The videos will be available if the scheduled time doesn’t work for you. Sign up before July 8th and get Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys in paperback or PDF at no cost (note: the paperback will be at no cost to those in the US).

Friday 03Jul15 asteroid and centaur reportI like starting with Ceres. It could be because not everyone caught on to the increased importance it’s taken on in the collective conversation since being promoted from asteroid to dwarf planet a few years ago (the same time when Pluto was demoted from planet to dwarf planet). That was a big deal, indicating that we’re ready to approach Ceres consciously in new ways. She got a promotion in the eyes of an esteemed professional organization (IAU), after all! Time to take her more seriously.

Ceres is still in the long slog of its Aquarius transit, which includes a retro period unfolding now. Last week Sun in Cancer quincunxed Ceres, and this week it’s Mars in Cancer. This brings up how you’re going to get what you need from those people who are clear they can’t (and shouldn’t have to) give you what you need. Last week with Sun, light was thrown on the matter. This week with Mars, there’s mounting tension. Do you have the right to resent those people, or are they doing what your soul needs them to do to push you down your evolutionary path? Should you argue your points, or should you look to see where you can take proactive steps to focus on doing for yourself what you need done? As of this writing (03Jul15), Moon in Aquarius is about to pass over Ceres, moving into a quincunx with Mars, making the conversation more immediate and, perhaps, you a bit more touchy re the tension that’s been building. Open communication, as always, is key to resolving tension and increasing self-awareness.

Vesta in Aries is moving away from the South Node, yet in square to Sun and Mars. This says there’s a pair of impulsive strategies regarding what needs to happen. One serves you and one serves you-as-someone-in-service-to-something-sacred. There’s a big difference. The square between them will seem to reveal an innate competition between them, but can instead – with conscious intent – serve to make light of egoic and extraegoic needs, each of which has value during the human trip. Let the friction of the square tell you what needs doing now and why.

Juno has moved into Virgo, opening the door to analyze what we’re committed to and why. The true Black Moon Lilith (BML) is dancing around Juno, done now with Leo for a few years. The true BML brings instinctive wisdom that often results in definitive, hormonal “yes/no” responses to situations and people surrounding us. If what you’re committed to is now making you nauseous and making you want to run away and change your name and face, take it as a cue to revisit the basis for that commitment and either renegotiate terms or get out. Opposing Nessus, there may be an urge to surrender to it because it exists. “I’m sure there’s something Divine in here, somewhere … somewhere …” And Saturn now chimes in to create a t-square, pressuring both parties with a bunch of annoying questions based in hard facts and that, if you listen, will cause you to grow up just a little bit more in the face of inescapable Scorpionic insights (truths) about what’s really going on in the situation.

Pallas Athene is grinding away through her retro in Sagittarius, now in the middle of the sign. Sun and Eros (433) in Cancer move this week into a quincunx with Pallas, making whatever you learned this past week from the opposition to Mercury in Gemini see last week’s post) uncomfortable and itchy. Yes, you need to do something about that needed change, even though the brilliant and inspiring clarity you had for a couple of days seems now a distant memory perhaps belonging to some character in a book you seem to maybe remember reading in 10th grade. The insight was, indeed, fantastic. Now you need to work through the itchy phase that begins all creative change, always showing you that you’re one of those human creatures of habit.

Venus and Jupiter made first contact in Leo last week, reminding us that we love love, sensuality, joy, laughter, and other things we typically crave and pine for as we go about our normal routines healing emotional crap across time. But during the heralded conjunction, they quincunxed Chiron in Pisces, bringing in what could turn out to be a deflating awareness of pain, suffering, woundedness, and pervasive senses of lack that ruin the fun we think we should have been able to milk from the Venus-Jupiter meeting. What really needs healing? Is everything about a healing process? What about fun and pleasure? I think this aspect can make you aware of how you conceive of yourself: Are you fine the way you are, or are you a wounded work in progress? Are you a walking near-zombie because someone didn’t love you in the right way when you were 3? What sacrifices in the ongoing series of amazing moments of life are you willing to make to continue conceiving of yourself as somehow broken?

Eris-Uranus-Persephone (399) in Aries continue to egg you on to make definitive changes to free yourself from whatever feels stale. Yes, you need to step out on your own with that thing, and yes, you’re nervous. Your inner perpetually-12 self (Persephone) is bringing doubt and fear because you’ve never done this particular breaking-out thing before. It’s new, and it’s hard sometimes to keep your brain from editing the genius you’ve been tapping into with its shallow breathing and second-guessing tactics. Just do the thing. Last week with it square Lucifer (1930), you flashed on how bringing light through bringing loving service in the specific way that matters to you can be done, and now your job is to stay in contact with that inner genius (Uranus) who presented the vision.

From last week’s post, as it’s still in play and relevant: Finally, Arjunsuri (20300) now leads Eros-Sun-Mars in Cancer, telling you that you need to be the final arbiter of what you should do. Always with Arjunsuri is the need to check inward and get answers. You may sometimes tend to go in mental circles and stew when a decision needs to be made (normal for many humans, and you’re one of them) but Arjunsuri leading the Cancerian party emphasizes the fact that you and only you know best. But I mean the you who’s connected to yourself, not distracted by mental noise or second-guessing because of that thing you did or didn’t do in junior high, which was probably in a previous century, after all. It’s also trine Neptune, opening a door to flow with the vibration of what is capital-T true for you … if you’re willing to relax, slow down the doing, and let truth percolate within you until you really, truly, really, actually, for triple double quadruple reals, get it.

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