Jupiter Enters Virgo/Pluto in Virgo Group Announcement

JupiterJupiter entered Virgo today for a 13-month trip.

The transits of this planet ask us to leave things behind and let things go in order to be available to new opportunities.

They do not, as some of us seem to think, bring luck. That’s old-timey, hopewishpray speak for something good kind of thinking. In truth, opportunity exists around us all the time. Do we see it? Are we open to it?

Entering Virgo today, we now have the chance to expand through how and why we Virgo. (Yes, I’m using that as a verb.) Virgo’s the sign of making things better and improvement. Some of the ways we do that, though, may focus on what’s wrong, or what’s not perfect already.

Those with strong Virgo signatures have the ability to see what’s not right, not perfect. Will they focus on the negative and either harp on it or give up making things better? Or will they side with the optimists and get to work, knowing that incremental progress is the only way to really engender change?

Each person with a strong Virgoan dealio gets to choose. As I teach a lot about Pluto and work with many with natal Pluto in this sign (roughly end of 1956 to mid 1972), I’m excited for this Jupiter transit.

Karmic healing isn’t automatic when Jupiter enters your Pluto sign. You have to change consciousness to make anything of it. And that’s about changing your mind about why things happen as they do. Pluto in Virgo natally describes a soul’s journey to do with learning the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the best and worst of being useful, dutiful, of service, and helpful.

In the etheric bodies of those with Pluto in Virgo will be any debris from:

  • being of service to the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, or at the expense of what one wants and needs
  • backburnering egoic self in an unhealthy way
  • taking on responsibilities that suck the life out of one
  • doing things that feel like are are slavery or indentured servitude
  • anything that traps one into endless work

During the next 13 months, these people have the opportunity to come out of the disempowerment of having Pluto in the sign of service.

I’m today announcing a new Facebook group for those in this generation and others who want to learn about the placement and how to work with it. It’s open to all, and I’ll be presenting material to help you understand the placement and how to heal powerlessness (inherent in and expressed with any Pluto placement) and uncover and engage with the passion and truth that leads to a sense of empowerment.

Even if you don’t have Pluto in Virgo, this transit will put your attention on your critical and service-oriented nature. It will ask you to do something useful and, more importantly, get over/heal resistance to that.

Let the arc toward usefulness begin.