Asteroid and Centaur Report, 21Aug15

Friday 21Aug15 asteroid and centaur reportThe class I’m teaching about these archetypes is underway, and you can still join in. Or, get the videos and pdfs for later use. I’m teaching those in the class about how to understand the stories of 11 figures that we can add to a chart in the form of 9 asteroids and 2 centaurs.

You can hear the free intro mp3 to get a sense of this. Myth is about telling you who you’re supposed to be and archetype is about who you really are.

Ceres is retrograding in late Capricorn, continuing the questioning about the right structure of nurturing and who’s responsible for taking care of you. This is a slow process of peeling back layers of expectations from the past – when you needed care from others (when you were tiny and helpless) – that might be thrown about your world now, creating stress as you find out that no one else is really taking care of you the way you thought would happen. Ceres in Capricorn says, “Um, grow up. It’s not happening unless you do it.” And you’ve been thinking you’re a fully functioning adult, and here’s this thing that’s bothering you because no one else is doing it. Well, what it does it mean to be an adult? Chew on that for a week and let previously unheard voices rise up from your history and you’ll make some progress.

Juno in Virgo is now with Mercury and opposing Chiron in Pisces. Juno’s about not just commitment but our assumptions regarding commitment. In Virgo, we’re to take responsibility after clearing seeing and analyzing what’s going on with where our time and energy have been going. What have you been doing that doesn’t serve you? It highly likely seems to serve others or some purpose/cause, but if your passions, interests, and strengths are not brought out in that situation, then you’re submitting to being some kind of robotic assembly line worker or, I can’t decide if it’s worse, a slave. Being a team player and helping others is great, but your unique self needs to be in there if you expect to keep doing that thing and being healthy.

With Mercury, you need to speak up about it. This is a fantastic time to see and call spades as spades, as Mercury’s influence is to put words to and snap into focus the truth of what’s going on. Opposing Chiron in Pisces, you’re getting a dose of awareness about the consequences of changing the thing or stopping the doing of it. Chiron here makes us aware of the reactions of others. Your job with this aspect unfolding this week is to stay in touch with truth and not let the whining or fears of others stop you from being authentic, focused, and productive.

Pallas Athene is now direct, after what seemed like 3 eternities and 2 epochs all smashed up together. This is about taking a stand for something, for being a wise warrior aligned with the truth of who you are. In Sagittarius, we’re talking about what you believe and why. Those with strong Sagittarius/Jupiter/9th house signatures in their natal charts might have been going through a few months of wondering what the point is in believing anything, including that things can change and tomorrow’s another day. The optimism function in some of you might have been a bit haywire for a few months (okay, I can only speak for myself!), and now things are lining up again. What to do: Be aware of why you believe what you believe, and look at the energetic results of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Pallas Athene is also about the need for integration, so you also need to make sure you’re not overlooking something that’s true for you – let it get into your worldview and chuck the nonsense that has you waking up frustrated (okay, again, I can only speak for myself … this has been stationing on my Moon-Mercury!).

Vesta is now retro in Aries, causing you to wonder about what matters to you most and what you serve. The devotion part of you might not always fit into modern life, what with all the games you have to play on your phone. Do you think those cute little digital animals are going to rescue themselves?! No, they need you. So, look at the energy of devotion in your life and evaluate how that’s been changing. In Aries, there’s call for a bold move to make something happen about what matters to you most, and during the retro period that move may seem up in the air. Or, your motivations for doing it in the first place. Let that be okay and prepare for an inrush of energy as Mars in Leo will trine it soon, boosting and energizing the process … of perhaps not feeling clear about what matters.

Vesta’s also square Pluto in Capricorn, which will go on for a few weeks as Vesta is slow right now. The aspect’s tight, making the tension between them focused. Pluto in Capricorn asks you to be real about to what you’ve given your power, and then to dig down deep to evaluate your beliefs about what power is, and then retool that and get rid of cultural and filial and personal assumptions about it and love all your inner demons already, and then come back to the surface and take charge of your life … but it’s retrograde, so that process needs to be revisited …. And the square to Vesta means tension about doing what’s important in terms of who in the expletive decided in the first place that it was important. Anyway, there’s tension. And so if you do stuff, make sure it matters and suits what you want your life to look like and serve. In the end, you’re in charge of you and this is what you’re here to learn as a soul learning about living a human life.

Lucifer (1930) and Arjunsuri (20300) are with Mars in Leo now, all moving into a trine with Vesta in Aries. Yes, it’s a big week for Vesta. Lucifer’s about bringing light (love) after overcoming self-doubt and fears of being selfish (retooling things to reflect self-interest), and Arjunsuri puts in contact with inner wisdom. With Mars now, you’re to align with what makes you feel good and get over your fears about what others think about. Then, revisit what bullshit Puritanical beliefs you may have absorbed from your ancestors, Ronald Reagan or his ideological inheritors, and/or drawings depicting a Thanksgiving utopia in your 5th-grade history text about pleasure and just get on already with being a human fully inhabiting your human self, which naturally enjoys things.

The trine to Vesta in Aries is about looking at what about your personal wiring and truth is worth investing in and running with it.

Persephone (399) is also now retrograde in Aries, still traveling with Uranus and Eris, both retrograde. As I’ve mentioned a few times lately, all Uranus “free yourself from constriction and inauthenticity” stuff naturally involves Eris “I don’t want to make waves because you’re sensitive/angry/ridiculous in your insecurities” stuff. That’s for a few years. Add in temporarily Persephone’s “I’m not sure how to go from 12 to 40 overnight but I’d either like to or I’m terrified to” stuff, you need to abduct yourself into freedom, even though others’ feathers may be ruffled. You need to change, and they need to be stimulated into growth by discomfort that you changed and it makes them feel things about what they need to change in their own lives. We need each other to trigger growth through discomfort (Eris), and we each need to learn to abduct ourselves into maturity.

Oh, and the Aries stellium is square that Ceres retroing in Capricorn, making a lot of this about how we can abduct ourselves into a mental state that has us in charge of our needs, health, and nurturing.

Eros (433) is about passion and letting passion flow. It’s still with the Sun, now in late Leo, square Saturn in late Scorpio and moving out of a trine with the Persephone-Eris-Uranus crowd. Anything traveling for months with the Sun has the benefit of being seen in our lives, the Sun being a giant flashlight. When it touches something your own chart, the effect for about 3 days is that you see that part of your life in sharper focus. When an asteroid travels conjunct it for months, it’s a long-term look at how this energy does and doesn’t work in our lives. The best case scenario is that you’ve for months been seeing the high cost of failing to include joy, creativity, and sexuality in your mission statement. Being lit up and interested in life is an Eros/erotic effect of valuing and acting upon these parts of ourselves.

The true Black Moon Lilith (BML) is dancing now in early Libra with the transiting North Node. There’s an opportunity for growth in the short term that rests on listening to your body’s and your biochemistry’s clear-cut “yes” and “no” responses to the world around you. Libra’s about the search for balance through trial-and-error, and Lilith here means you’ll experience some swings and extremes along the way. Lilith’s wisdom is prelogical and preverbal, so your job always with this archetype within you is to keep in contact with your body and understand how energy flows within it. You’re an animal, and that layer of self has a ton to tell you about navigating a world full of EMFs and more and more exciting Candy Crush levels that seems designed to keep you out of your body. Be self-determined by listening to your body and knowing your energy field, and you become a Lilith person.

Speaking of being an animal, Nessus is retrograde and still with retrograde Neptune in Pisces. The Sun as it enters Virgo in under two days will oppose Nessus, bringing into awareness how and why you don’t know the animal within. Nessus is about living in two worlds, including being or pretending to be civilized. There’s instinct, and then there’s mind. Which is in charge of your life? If just one, the other will rise up later with a vengeance, and you’ll feel out of control. Nessus with Neptune asks you to surrender to you animal self and learn ways to inhabit it that serve your higher self. There are ways to many things that align you with truth, and there far more ways to do things out of alignment. The Sun opposing Nessus will show you how you Pisces and you can see with clarity that something in there isn’t working.

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