New Free Audio on the 6th Chakra and 3 Charged Stones for Intuition

6th chakra comparisonI posted a new audio piece on SoundCloud today on the 6th chakra and what the charged stones I offer do to support intuition and mind.

After discussing intuition and why it’s important to develop and trust it, I compare the effects of labradorite, mookaite, and spectrolite on intuition and consciousness.

The last couple of years I’ve been in serious research mode, working to figure out ways to use energetically charged crystals to improve life on all levels. I love sharing what I learn, and there’s a lot of info on a number of crystals on their individual pages on my site, linked from the main crystals page.

SoundCloud is where you’ll be able to get new audio from me going forward, now that the run of The Soul’s Journey radio show is complete. You can listen there, download the mp3s, and follow me to be updated about new releases covering evolutionary astrology, spirituality, channeling, meditation, crystals, and more.