Part 3: Effectively Working Through Grief

Read part 1 and part 2.

Following the intuitive body work session last Sunday, I’ve been markedly different. Something’s gone. I’m less defensive or, at least, am carrying less inner tension.

I don’t notice it on my own as I go about my day. But sometimes talking with my girlfriend, I feel displaced, like I’m not sure who I’m supposed to be. When with her, I can see the major differences. The first couple of times it made me nervous because of the surprise of realizing that something changed. Once I got choked up from feeling suddenly so vulnerable. I wasn’t sure who was thinking and feeling my thoughts and feelings, and it was frightening.

I’m still having stress that’s related to the grief, and seeing more clearly the part of me that controls and doesn’t surrender (“Surrender is death,” he says), so everything’s still in process.

At this point, having pink opal with or near me pushes the grief to the surface. We went out for a walk yesterday and I had some shallow breathing on the way, which is the first signal that the grief is coming up. I realized that I had the pink opal in my pocket! I gave it to my girlfriend and it abated somewhat. And then somehow I had slipped it into my bag last night before going to a movie, so that was more grief pushing to the surface the whole night. I keep finding it with me as a sort of unconscious gesture – I keep making sure it is, apparently, without knowing it.

I’m having another intuitive body work session this afternoon, hoping to … intuitively, um, healingly … strike while the grief iron is hot. I can feel it so close to the surface. And the pink opal is in the living room, with those that are listed on my site for sale.

This tool is profoundly opening. For those of us who have emotional stuff stored or stuffed, pink opal will nudge it to the surface in amazing ways. I recommend you use it if this series of posts resonates with you, yet make sure to put it down and in another room when things get heavy, if they do.

As I’ve channeled on Chiron and explained in videos, we’re living in a time in which unprocessed emotion must be processed. This is the evolutionary opportunity in place now that the Mayan Long Count Calendar is complete. Most people stopped talking about it because hyping it before the event meant that you were spiritually sophisticated, but the end of that calendar, in truth, marked a beginning. And we’re in it. Nothing ended, and so many things began.

Whatever pain, powerlessness, grief, anger, resentment, bitterness, heartache, and other things that are in your energetic field need to be processed. Human evolution now rests upon learning to deal with our emotions as we learn what it means to be multidimensional – to exist as consciousnesses across time.

Grief is my particular emotional mountain to climb. Grief isn’t the thing for everyone, but there is some form of pain or powerlessness that’s coming up for all now. It’s unavoidable. It’s what being on Earth is all about right now, even though most of us think it’s about better mobile phone tech and more ways to get validated by others so we can finally have the perception that we’re loved and, therefore, safe.

Venus stationed direct this morning, near Mars, Arjunsuri (20300), and Lucifer (1930). You may feel that action must be taken about what matters to you most, but you need to realize that what’s important has been up for review during the Venus retro the last few weeks.

It’s also in a quincunx to retro Pluto in Capricorn. There may be a tug of war with others about who’s in charge and what can get done. My point in bringing in some astrology here is to tell you that your relationships of various kinds with others are right now showing you what’s unprocessed in your field. External situations appear to be one way, yet you need to read between the lines to discern what message this other is bringing you, is cocreating for your education.

What’s bothering you about that dynamic or person? It’s showing you something about you, and it’s likely that something from deep under the surface is coming up to be seen. Take advantage of that and own your fears, hurts, pains, and worries. The other person is simply showing up to reflect to you what you need to do in order to continue with your evolution.

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