The Asteroid & Centaur Report, 05Sep15

Saturday 05ASep15 asteroid and centaur reportThe live Asteroid and Centaur Video Course is wrapping up this week, and you can order the 5.5 hours of videos, 5 PowerPoint presentations, and 5 PDF handouts with all the house and sign keywords and phrases for $50. Students have been getting insights into these archetypes and how to understand them in their own lives and use them in the charts of others.

In a little over a week, Ceres will station after months of retrograde motion. Now it’s in late Capricorn and slowing down, signaling that if you think that someone else is responsible for you, you could not be further from the truth. The dwarf planet of nurturing in the sign of maturing sends a clear message that it’s time to unravel anything old in your mind and heart that keep you from doing what you need to do for yourself. It’s hard sometimes. Now and then you might realize that a behavior or choice may be a hold-over from youth, when you navigated how to work with others to get your needs meet. Usually, this means following others’ rules that can make little sense. Now, in your adulthood, there are no rules. You’re in charge. You’re the boss. What do you need? What are you doing about it?

It’s stationing in square to PersephoneEris-Uranus in Aries, all 3 retrograde at present. There’s tension about your immediate sense of things and your relationship that history mentioned above. Time to free yourself to be original and to grow up in your own way, no matter your age or how long ago you left (or were unceremoniously pushed out of) the nest. Persephone’s all about the need each of us has to abduct ourselves into maturity. Eris calls up themes of being a catalyst and being catalyzed by others for growth, often uncomfortable as we see our insecurities that we work so hard to hide laid bare for all to see. Uranus, of course, is the planet of setting ourselves free … after interminable eons of settling for something stable that drains the life out of us and leaves us empty shells. So, in other words, do what you need to do for yourself, and do it now.

Juno is in late Virgo, getting close to the transiting North Node, about to transition from Libra to Virgo. Juno’s questions and nudgings about the role of right commitment have for months been pointed at what you’re committed to and why. Virgo calls for discernment, which is possible only after being clear and clearly aware of what’s going on. Now you know the cost of your commitments, and it’s time to make some decisions about moving forward. The conjunction to the transiting NN means that there is opportunity in this process to uncover growth and leave behind something that, while familiar, is no doubt no longer serving you. You’ve grown through your commitments, and some of them bring enrichment and endeepening (my word). Others just make you feel stuck and trapped and, perhaps, indenture-servituded (also my word).

Pallas Athene in mid Sagittarius is in a waxing square to retro Chiron in Pisces, which will receive an opposition from the Sun in a week. Meaning that Sun is square Pallas Athene now and, in fact, Moon in Gemini makes a loose grand cross for a bit this morning. All of this in mutable signs means a need to figure out what to do with information and what information is to be trusted. Moon is bringing new information, and Sun is wondering if that source can be trusted. Pallas Athene asks what in all the data are true. Chiron in Pisces advises that the only way to know what’s truly true is to open your heart, feel into things, and surrender to the vibration of truth … which requires that you heal wounds, slights, and rejections from the past. In other words, all of this stuff boils down to the fact that Chiron in Pisces has cornered the market on what’s true: What vibrates your heart open is true. See what data you’re passing around inside your head and find the station in your consciousness that is willing to function in surrender-to-truth mode.

Vesta is retroing in Aries, getting a 3-day quincunx from Sun in Virgo as of this writing. This aspect reveals the holes in the plans you made long ago to do something worth doing. You’ve changed a lot since you were 12 and you lost your favorite pen and decided that the only way to get it back was to invent a time machine so that, in your adulthood, you could travel back in time to find it or, at least, to visit your 12-year old self to warn him or her never ever to let the pen out of your sight. Along the way, you’ve had many adventures, yes, but it might not be the right goal to work with now. Re-evaluate what truly matters and move on. There are plenty of pens in the sea, but really, in the junk drawer in your kitchen.

Vesta’s also now traveling in a loose conjunct with retro Uranus, so the freeing-yourself-from-past-devotions dealio is big for a few months.

Asteroid Lilith (1181) in mid Scorpio is still telling you that things you find out of balance in the world around you can be corrected by looking at expectations and then adjusting or dashing them. Trine Chiron in Pisces, you have the opportunity to correct imbalances by feeling into allow what’s true and, again, healing old wounds about when you broke your favorite collector’s glass and didn’t know how to continue remaining conscious from the shock. Feel into what kind of solution you’d like to bring to an imbalanced situation and bring answers in a trial-and-error fashion, always being willing to experiment to see what works best.

Arjunsuri (20300) and Lucifer (1930) are with Venus as it stations direct in Leo early tomorrow morning USA time, which is also with Mars. All the Venusian things up for review in your life (because Venus is also quincunxing retro Pluto in Capricorn) are tied up in the call to trust inner wisdom (Arjunsuri) and overcome self-doubt in order to invest in yourself and bring light (Lucifer). You have to take action, but it has to be the right action for the right reasons and at the right time. Look into what blocks you from being authentically and precisely who you are and change your mind – let it out. Let it happen.

The true Black Moon Lilith (BML) is in early Virgo at present, dancing around Jupiter, Eros, and Sun. Faith and seeing a way through difficulty (Jupiter) now comes through an honest appraisal (Sun) of what lights you up (Eros) and what your body, energy field, and biochemistry reflect to you about your current reality and choices (BML). All of this in Virgo means analysis and discernment – awareness and making choices. You’re the only one in your life who can decide that things can be better tomorrow, and you need instinct to guide you. You need to listen to your body and include its visceral and biochemical yes and no response to all that exists in your life.

Finally, Nessus still retros 7 degrees from retro Neptune in Pisces. Opposing Jupiter, there’s been some conflict between the rational and the irrational. Nessus means living as an animal in polite society and the need to balance those realities. The irrational now (Nessus-Neptune in Pisces) is important to integrate. Progress is not gained only thinking big (Jupiter) and effortfully causing things to happen (Virgo). Recognition that all that’s worthwhile doesn’t come exclusively from the monopolizing monkey mind that runs your life is important. You’re a multidimensional being with many layers, and your job during this human trip is not to make a lot of money so you have toys and imagine you can escape the horror of the finality of death, but to learn to live consciously and in harmony with the rest of life.

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