Using Programmed Labradorite: “That Color Does Not Usually Show Up in Auric Photography.”

Green shirt, purple auraI received the follow photo and note today from a client who was gifted a programmed labradorite piece recently from his girlfriend for his birthday.

Hi Tom,
I wanted to reach out to you and let you know about an experience I had today that I believe has a direct correlation to the labradorite I received from you.
I was at a holistic fair and they had an aura photo booth. I decided to get a picture taken and the woman who took the picture interpreted my aura for me. She said many things, like she had never seen an aura like this and had toured the country and taken thousands of pictures and she interpreted certain colors to mean certain things. 
I want to draw your attention to my arms. The photographer and interpreter told me that color usually does not show up in auric photography. It is an ultraviolet pink/purple and she asked if I worked with the violet flame. I said, you mean the ascended master St. Germain? She said yes. I said, not consciously. She said it was St. Germain’s energy and I need to ask a healer I trust to interpret it.
I asked someone I knew and they gave me an answer but it wasn’t until I was driving home that I thought about the labradorite Anna had given to me for my birthday. I have been carrying it around and imagining receiving the energy in the stone through my hands and into myself. 
I know you don’t need any proof that the rocks help people but I thought it may be a good experience to share with you or other people that what you are doing changes peoples’ lives.
Thank you again for all that you do. I’ll be in touch soon.
P.S. I sent you the picture below. I have a green shirt on but the whole body was purple!

LA041Normally, labradorite will stimulate intuition, which is seated in the 6th chakra. The way I program them with energy, they connect the 6th chakra with the 3rd, grounding intuition in the body. This means that beyond intuition opening up, you have a felt sense of what to do with what you intuit. Is it the right time to do that thing that feels worth doing? Your body can answer that question best, and these stones tie the two energy centers together so you can make the best, sanest use of intuition.

All but one of the stones I energetically program contain the energy of Djehuty, a.k.a. St. Germain, Thoth, and Merlin. Some contain Archangel Metatron’s energy, too. For Michael, intentionally bringing in energy from the stone put him on the St.-Germain frequency, which can allow him to stay connected to the ascended master himself. This is true of all the crystals I offer, actually. They act as batteries for the empowering energies of these helpful, loving beings and we can train ourselves to connect to them using the stones. The aura photo above is one measure of the kind of results you can have using these programmed stones.

I love hearing stories like this from clients. The crystals I offer alter and upgrade the flow in your energy field, which is to say consciousness, and that affects your body positively. Check out the labradorite page on my site for more info including my own experiences with this stone, and pictures of pieces currently available. Also, I recently did a comparison of labradorite, mookaite, and spectrolite on SoundCloud, where I’m producing new audio now.

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