Saturn in Sagittarius MP3

Saturn re-enters Sagittarius this week (17Sep15), ending its time in Scorpio for a few decades.

Lately, many have been pressed to get down into the depths one more time, challenged to dig through the inner (and sometimes outer) muck to get things done. It can feel like a lot of stuck and little else. And it can be heavy, making us wonder when the foreboding clouds will lift and let us have peace again.

Thursday, as it enters Sagittarius again, expect a lightening of some of the burden. It doesn’t mean everything with Saturn will be rosy suddenly, but the focus will shift from work on Pluto-Mars issues to work on Jupiter issues.

In other words, instead of an unrelenting need to unearth tough truths, expect a new focus of a reality-check challenge regarding beliefs, worldview, and the power of imagination, intuition, and thought.

If we’re paying attention, we’ll likely confront our perceived limitations (based in beliefs) about what’s possible, finding through honest evaluation what we can now do to create what we want to experience.

Some illusions will be dispelled, and some new faith in the ability to manifest a vision is also in store. And for some of us, a little of both.

My full take on this transit is spelled out in detail in the Saturn in Sagittarius on my site. You can hear the firsts 7 minutes on that page to get a sense of how I approach Saturn.

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