On the Pisces New Moon Eclipse

For each new and full moon, I usually channel a meditation from A.M. Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) for subscribers to my monthly service. Yesterday, though, I had a … sinus event that prevented it. Instead, I channeled a written document for them on major themes of the lunation happening today.

It’s about more than the lunation as it focuses on Chiron transiting near the south node of the Moon and Jupiter transiting near the north node. This lasts for months, presenting an opportunity about energy, emotion, consciousness, health, and healing that Djehuty describes.

On the Pisces New Moon Eclipse
Wednesday, 08Mar16, 5:55pm Pacific
A.M. Djehuty
Channeled by Tom Jacobs, tdjacobs.com

This is Djehuty speaking.  This new moon eclipse brings the opportunity for you to evaluate and understand more about your relationship to suffering.  Chiron conjunct it rather closely signals that you are ready to feel suffering more directly, deeply, and intensely and learn what to do about it.  During a new moon in Pisces, you’re supposed to surrender to something, but I challenge you to be clear and intentional about to what you surrender.

In many ways, humans for as long as you have existed on Earth have been surrendered to not knowing what to do with your energy and emotions.  You have certain ways of dealing with the suffering of self and other, but most of them have not been so grounded or spiritually mature.  But you are learning, I encourage you to remain open to learn more and more about this process.

Right now, as the centaur Chiron travels with the descending or South Node of the Moon,  all of you are confronted with opportunities to experience the pain and suffering of others, to evaluate what you will do in response to it, and to clear out old and useless beliefs about what kind of person you are if you help others or if you don’t.

If you’ve closed down your heart because you don’t know what to do with all the energy that does or might come to you, you are now to learn to open it for the right reasons, in the right ways, and to appropriate ends.  This is about learning energy management, or developing and maintaining energetic boundaries.  This is about self-respectfully engaging with energies you choose to engage with, in ways that work best for you and don’t cause you go against your own integrity, and doing so for as long as truly serves each party involved.

If you’ve kept your heart open to the energies and suffering of others and find yourself run down and burned out, then you are leaking energy and need to learn energetic boundaries.  You have been sacrificing yourself because you love others, but do you really believe that this is self-love?

If you go back and forth from tightly closed to very open, you are likely carrying fear of the cost of being open to feel the energy of others.  It is, after all, often coming through to you as pain, suffering, sorrow, grief, helplessness, etc.  Who would want that stuff to come in?  Isn’t your own enough?  No one and of course, respectively.

Not developing and maintaining energetic boundaries results in being swept away by the energies of others.  You are played as though a musical instrument: You encounter energy and you respond by feeling and emitting emotion.  You’re going about your business and then encounter someone who’s … feeling something.  You can’t concentrate on what you were doing or remember where you were about to be going.  You’re filled with something and it’s getting in the way of being present to yourself and the world around you.  Maybe you realize it’s due to taking on or absorbing others’ energies and maybe you don’t.  But chances are that you have something or much to learn about healthy forms and practices of energy management.  Part of this is regularly clearing out others’ energies that you may have absorbed and another part is being committed to not absorbing more going forward.  I want you to feel with your heart and navigate what’s true for you with your emotional center, while not picking up stuff left and right from the world around you.  Contact the channel for resources to help with this if you know you need some support with this topic.

Consider that the transiting South Node of the Moon is making you aware of something, it’s bringing something up.  In Pisces, it could be your human tendency to energetically merge with or surrender to something in the world around you.  It could instead be your willingness to go with something before discernment and discrimination enter the picture – to find yourself in a state or rhythm and then realize that you did not choose it or intend it.  With Chiron traveling with it for a while, all of you need to become more aware of how you might slip into the currents of the energy flows in the world around you.

Ideally, you are now aware of some cache of feeling within you that you’re not sure what to do with because you’re “in it.”  It’s not about thinking or knowing, but feeling.  And in feeling states, it’s not always obvious what’s right and good to do about them or about getting out of them.

Some possibilities:

  • A compassionate response you have to someone’s or a group’s suffering.
  • A sense of urgency to do something for someone you are personally connected to and care about.
  • Feeling/Feeling into the enormity of some cache of pain, some universal experience that some or all humans or animals go through, feeling overwhelmed by it, perhaps feeling helpless to do anything constructive.
  • Noticing that another or others do not do for themselves what they need to and being clear that you can’t or shouldn’t help them.
  • Feeling frustrated that you can’t shake a feeling, that it’s following you and pulling on you.

And so now we get to the transit of Jupiter with the transiting North Node.  There is an opportunity (tr. NN) to expand (Jupiter) through practicing discernment and discrimination (Virgo).  There are specific things in 3D that can be done to help you get out of being “in it,” stuck or cycling through that emotional state that gets in the way.  I encourage you to begin by getting grounded and choosing to see that just because something is wrong, it doesn’t mean you have to fix it.  You must evaluate with honesty and integrity what is really happening, and what is worth doing and why.  You need to learn that sometimes it is in your highest good to help someone and sometimes it is not.  You must learn to notice your triggers about self-esteem and self-worth when it comes to what you believe it means when you help someone and when you don’t help.  There is no hard-and-fast rule with helping and being of service except that deep within each of you is the loving urge to help and serve others.  I guarantee you that below any fears, anger, resentment, and doubt that you have, there is the pure spark of Divine love to be of service to all other beings.  You are, after all, a soul living a human life.  All souls together comprise the Divine, and Divine love is who and what you truly are.

All that said, the new moon is in Pisces opposing that Jupiter in Virgo.  The emphasis here for the lunation is on the fact that you are being asked to surrender, be more compassionate, give the benefit of the doubt, and choose to see the Divine in all things or in one thing or being.  And so I challenge you to be intentional when it comes to to what you surrender.  Feel with an open heart but come to that after grounding.  Always stay centered and in your body, and then open your heart.  Being heart-open without being grounded leads to poor decision-making, and you will leak energy or have experiences that make you fear the power of emotion and think it costs way too much to be in your heart and connect with others.

The dwarf planet Ceres is not far from this lunation, indicating that nurturing, care, and protection/fostering/mentorship are important to look at now, too.  Look honestly within yourself and see if you perhaps respond or shut down in the face of others’ suffering because you don’t know what to do with their emotions.  Maybe you don’t know how to let others suffer.  This may sound awful to you but you need to know and accept that all beings experience pain and all of you create suffering along the path of your life in order to learn more about becoming the source of love for yourself.  If you open wide or shut down in the face of others’ pain and suffering, know that you are ready to get to know and make peace with the reality of your own suffering.  Ceres conjunct this lunation brings the message that as you consider how, why, when, and how long you nurture, care, and protect/foster/mentor others, you must do these things for yourself first.  The downfall of Ceres within you is when you care for others and fail to see that you must care for yourself.  Check any identities you may have developed surrounding what you do for others.  Do you believe you’re worth love because you care for others?, etc.

Eclipses can bring intense feelings to the surface for any of you.  Take time during this one to evaluate your inner landscape about care, feelings/emotions, needs and the meeting of them, how you care for yourself or perhaps always put others first, how you deal with the pain and suffering of others and how this reveals something about your own relationship with your own capacity for or cache of pain and suffering.

You are each Divine beings learning to love yourself more, better, and ever more effectively.  This is the nature of your soul, and this lunation can help you surrender to being compassionate toward yourself and filling in the gaps of love and care in your own life so that you can be, when the self-care ground is tended and nurtured, be of loving service to others.

Thank you for your time and energy, and take care of yourself.