Can’t forgive? Can’t let go? Release: A Course for Healing works.

Lately I did a spate of readings for students in an online course called Pluto Generations. It’s a series of 5 webinars covering the Pluto generations of Cancer through Scorpio, which includes the births from 1913 to early 1995. It’ll be available soon and I’ll update here when it’s a go.

Doing readings for students in a Pluto course, some of the deepest issues can come up. Pluto’s about power, and I teach that we don’t need to fear the power that others seem to have over us or what we might do if we had it. My thing is that we can embody power now, right this very instant, by reframing what power is and making choices aligned with that. It’s a long story, which is why I taught a 5-part webinar on it.

But one of the disempowering things that comes up often in doing deep Pluto work is the need to let go of something, whether a relationship, job, idea of who we are or were supposed to be, or anything else that doesn’t help us become self-aware and self-accepting.

Release: A Course for HealingMy home-study Release: A Course for Healing can work wonders for those looking to learn how to let things go … and actually let them go.

In 3 modules, it covers forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others, and cleaning up energetic/emotional boundaries in present and past relationships, enabling healthier dynamics now as well as moving on from relationships that ended a long time ago.

Included is a 40-page PDF, mostly channeling from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. St. Germain, the keeper of the violet flame of forgiveness) with some intro material from me, and a channeled meditation for each of the 3 modules.

Maybe you’ve done forgiveness work but still feel a twinge re that thing from childhood or a few years ago. Or maybe you just haven’t been able to see how to let that other thing go or forgive yourself for that choice you made or didn’t make last year.

Holding yourself and others accountable to what your souls have had you choose in order to learn about being human, what each and every person is here to do on behalf of his or her soul, blocks love. That prevents self-care and self-respect, and it keeps others out of your life or at a distance.

You need to accept yourself, love yourself, and you need to receive the reflections of others about who you are. Release can help you resolve and melt blocks to accepting yourself as a divine work in progress, which is the image the masters and your guides are clear your soul has of you.

Prevalent in metaphysical circles is the practice of cutting cords. Release will teach you a better, healthier, more loving, more soul-aligned process to ease out of the ties that bind us to others, too.

I’m so happy to have access to these teaching to help me evolve … and, errrr, you, too. Everything I teach and offer I do on myself first, and I can tell you this material is (lovingly, compassionately) powerful.