Auralite 23: Connecting with the Positive

auralite 23 set 3Auralite 23 is my featured charged crystal of the month for June. It’s a very high-vibrating crystal, opening the door to connect with the wisdom of your higher self.

In my experience (much of which has been documented in the 7 audio diaries I just posted to SoundCloud), charged auralite 23 puts my attention on what keeps me from staying connected with my higher wisdom.

Blocks from the past, even past lives, are revealed. For me, with a lot of karmic relationship issues, women from my past came to mind for processing and release as I worked with this crystal in the beginning.

It also helps me the moment-to-moment thoughts and triggers to thought that may take me into negativity. Being connected to a higher level of truth, I don’t need to identify with or invest energy in negative thoughts and feelings.

As we are energetic beings, we feel energy and respond emotionally. When we don’t like what we feel, our minds step in to rationalize what happened, giving rise to negative interpretations of events. Enough of this happens and we will become habituated to certain thoughts, which can become cemented … and these become karmas.

AU022Using auralite 23 has helped me see the negative beliefs and assumptions to interpret things as negative that are sourced in my soul’s other lives. This crystal helps me be present, and this is so important for any evolutionary path.

I reconnected with it in May to help overcome negativity that came to the surface recently when I worked a lot with a new-to-me stone, larimar. Larimar brought up all kinds of positivity and I felt great, and then parts of me argued – negativity came up to be resolved, released, and healed. I returned to auralite 23 to move beyond that negativity. Now I’m back to the larimar and things are happily on track with that part of my development (you’ll hear more about that in future months), and it’s a good time to share what I’ve learned about auralite 23 as a tool to heal and upgrade consciousness.

For weeks I in May I slept holding one or two pieces of charged auralite 23, and I walked with it and held it during sauna sessions. It will help you focus on the positive not so you deny the negative, but so that you can recognize the frequency of negativity for what it is and not get attached to it.

We all have pained and negative feelings from time to time, but getting stuck in those vibrations is the problem. Using auralite 23, I’m not attached and negativity can come and go normally.

If you’ve been attached to it in your life, auralite 23 will feel like a godsend! To see negativity as an energy, as a mental response to pain or difficulty and NOT as who you are, will give parts of you hope that things can get better. You can then choose what thoughts to have, what feelings to nurture and invest in – and this choice is part of moving into your power as a soul living a human life.

A client in Spain who recently received her charged auralite 23 piece along with a few other charged crystals sent me this:

The crystal I have the strongest relationship with is the auralite. I love it. It is like the wise voice of a loving teacher for me and it helps me seeing things more clearly. It calms me down and helps me letting go beliefs and patterns.
Thank you so much for these incredible charged stones!

In May I also drank energetically charged auralite 23 water. I put a piece from the most recent set I charged in a glassAU024 on the counter, and every day I added spring water to it. At first I let it steep for 24 hours, then less and less, as it doesn’t take much time for the energetic charge I’ve put in the crystal to infuse the water.

What I noticed was that when I spent many hours with the charged crystals (on walks, in the sauna, sleeping), drinking the charged water sent me over the moon. The wonderful vibration I’d been with was now inside me, and serious and robust grinning resulted.

When I hadn’t spent a lot of time with the charged crystals, drinking the water was effective but not so extreme. I still felt the loving vibration in my mouth, then going down my throat, and then filling me after it hit my stomach, but it was not over-the-top. There were also times that I was not in a good space – frustrated about something or processing some part of the negative voice – when I didn’t feel an effect from drinking the water.

I learned through this that when you’re open to a higher vibration, you’ll get the benefit from the crystal and the charged water. When you need to be upset about something for a few hours or a day, you won’t. The charged auralite 23 will not force you into happiness! It offers a vibration that you can choose to let into your body, mind, heart, and life.

AU007All who get a charged auralite 23 crystal from me in June will get at no charge the brand-new 40-minute channeled meditation specifically for use with this crystal. I channeled it from Ascended Master Djehuty to help you connect with the crystal. Because it’s so highly vibrating, it can bring up difficult stuff that you’ll need to process. The meditation is intended to help you reconnect after such periods, and when I’ve done it, I’m peaceful and non-talkative for the rest of the day, feeling good about being, something my active self is not always into doing.

Get your energetically charged auralite 23 crystal here, and be in touch with any questions.