Pink Opal: Overcoming Fears of Vulnerability

This morning I was in a copy shop in Denton, TX, printing fliers for this weekend’s Body, Mind, Spirit Expo in Austin. I’ll have a booth and will be teaching about and selling programmed crystals.

A woman working in the shop had a wire-haired terrier on a stool next to her desk. After a bit, the dog jumped down to the floor and let her know he wanted to jump up in her lap. But it was really into her arms, which is where he went and stayed, with his paws around her neck.

I kind of couldn’t stop looking, though trying not to stare. After a minute I told the woman that I’m like that, and it’s hard because my girlfriend goes to work without me. I said I know I just have to deal with it.

But the dog was doing exactly what I do with Jilly: Drinking up a hug as long as it can last.

Message_1469063417741[1]I realize now that I energetically programmed two sets of pink opal last night, and that always softens me. My pink opal pieces will open your heart, and while putting energy into them, it’s impossible for mine not to open.

I programmed two sets because I’ll be promoting them at the Austin expo. Pink opal pieces are critical to all healing processes because such processes are not about the mind and ideas. They hinge upon being willing to feel old pain in order to let it move through us.

My pink opal pieces are charged with St. Germain’s energy, and what’s unresolved in your emotional history from this and other lives will come to the surface when you bring one into your life.

This can be challenging, and you have to be willing to feel. And you must decide that you’re stronger than pain, fear, anger, and sorrow that might be stored in you.

PI081As you deal with old pain and other emotions, you can consciously cultivate vulnerability. The dog in the copy shop had no problem being vulnerable. He might not know that if he’s not, he won’t be open to receive.

And this is true for all of us: To give and receive from the heart, to be connected to others, we must be willing to be vulnerable by opening our hearts. Any shielding, protection, and other barriers we might throw up in front of our 4th chakras will keep others away.

Every human has experiences that can inspire her or him to close. Our challenge is to accept the pain we’ve experienced and carry it forward with us as we create the lives we want to live.

We can’t avoid pain and we can’t erase it. Let’s stop all the wishful thinking and get into our hearts and choose to generate love even though we’ve been hurt.

Check out the programmed pink opal currently available, and be in touch with any questions. I specialize in teaching people to navigate challenging emotions, and am happy to answer questions you might have before getting a programmed stone.