Crystals Update: Larimar now available; Pink opal and tiger iron pendants

larimarI’m happy to announce that energetically programmed larimar is now available through my site!

I’ve been using this high-vibrating stone since February, when a client of mine presented the last straw of inspiration. A few people had told me about it, and she made a case for how amazing it is when we were on our way to the Tucson Gem & Mineral show, where I saw it and purchased some.

It took me down a road that had me evaluating blocks to self-worth rooted in past relationship issues.

It opens and stimulates the 5th chakra, which is the energy center in which you align your personal power – created and nurtured in the 3rd chakra – with something bigger than you.

Essentially, it’s about what your personal strength and confidence serve.

Using a programmed larimar will reveal to you if you (part of you) is surrendered to and “worshipping” anything fear-based. Something in your 5th chakra has been elevated to the status of truth – but is it really true? Or is it just the best explanation for pain and disappointment that your mind has come up with thus far?

Using one, you’ll see more clearly when you’re motivated by fear, and can heal that and shift into choosing being motivated by faith.

See the energetically programmed larimar pieces currently available here.

PI080Also new on the site are more pink opal including 3 new pendants wire wrapped with silver.

Pink opal opens the heart, and is programmed to draw to the surface any emotional blocks and barriers that keep you from being open-hearted. You’ll cry out old pain and sorrow, and then be free of it. It’s a wonderful process. Used over time, you can cultivate a grounded vulnerability, drawing on the power of the heart.

TI160Two new tiger iron pendants are posted, too. Programmed tiger iron sends energy down to your lower 3 chakras so you’re grounded. When these chakras are maintained regularly, you’re sane, in your body, and confident that you can handle what comes your way.