Announcing The Chakra Course, Part 1

chakracourse1I’m thrilled to announce the first part of a new mp3 course to help you get to the bottom of and release what blocks you and holds you back from developing sanity, security, and strength.

The Chakra Course is a replacement for my popular Intuitive Skills Development I course. For 6 years I’ve lead a handful of students at a time through their life, emotional, and karmic histories through the lenses of the 7 chakras. I’ve done what I can to help them see their lives as their souls and spirit guides do, so they can upgrade their human experience with more compassion, clarity, and acceptance.

It’s time that these perspectives and methods are made more widely available, so I’ve created the new mp3 course you can work through at your own pace.

Part 1, available now, covers the lower 3 chakras. These must be in working order so that we have a solid foundation for a sane, grounded, confident life. It’s easy to think that spirituality and growth rest in the upper chakras, but the lower 3 have to be addressed and nurtured if we’re to be effective and get done what matters to us.

Part 2 covers the upper 4 chakras, and will be available later in the year.

It’s so critically important to learn to work regularly and consistently with the lower 3 chakras that I’m splitting the course in two parts and encouraging all interested parties to work on Part 1 intensively to begin.

Because the 7th chakra is our connection to the Divine, we may assume that bringing our energy up is the way to spiritual growth. But the 7th chakra needs to open and rest upon a solid foundation, and the lower 3 chakras must be opened and cleared to effectively embody the Divine that we have within us.

Your soul is embodied on Earth for a good reason! It’s time we embrace that we’re here and learn to work through physical, material-world, and difficult issues related to the lower 3 energy centers.

The Chakras Covered
The 1st or root chakra relates to family, heritage, safety & security, comfort being in a body and on the planet,  connection to community, and other things. This is where parts of us that don’t feel safe (often because when children we weren’t safe in some way large or small) can interrupt the stability of our lives now, inspiring survival fears and issues in the material world.

The 2nd or sacral chakra relates to relationships, give and take, fairness, sexuality, creativity, and money. This energy center is where we vibrate that we’re not open to receive or that we don’t know if we have the right say “yes” and “no” when we need to. These issues can have us not standing up for ourselves or taking personally how others treat us.

The 3rd chakra or solar plexus has to do with self-respect and self-esteem. Guilt, shame, regret, and self-doubt are stored here, and can prevent us from making self-interested decisions that build self-respect and empowerment.

These three must be intentionally nurtured to form a solid, strong pyramid. Whatever shape it’s in, this pyramid forms the foundation for your entire life. If you don’t like how something is going in your life, look to its foundation in these chakras and make conscious changes.

The Chakra Course Part 1 contains channeled perspectives I’ve learned from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) so you can build a better, healthier, clearer you from the ground up. My life and practice is built upon these perspectives, and the course is meant to bring them to you in a codified format you can use to work on and release in your life what needs attention.

The flier at the link below contains recommendations for energetically programmed stones to help you in the process of opening up and clearing the lower 3 chakras, too. These are invaluable tools for energetically interrupting old patterns and infusing into your body, mind, and heart new energies to make the right kinds of changes for the better.

Read more and order the course here.