From Slavery and Soul: Your soul does not view you as powerless, no matter what you experience.

slaveryandsoulcoverTo realize that the history of humanity is one of souls learning through the lenses of various contexts how to become powerful is profound.

The soul comes to Earth as a human in order to learn about strength, confidence, and power. Humans have, mostly, tied feeling strong to external markers (wealth, youth, attractiveness, status, strength, etc.), all of which can and do change.

The soul’s intentions for its humans revolve around learning to embody the power of Divine love. It has to do with absolute self-knowledge and total self-acceptance, which is a process of deep self-exploration and -love.

Along the multilife way, many experiences are had by each person to learn through a variety of externally based notions of what power is and is not. Slavery is a part of the human experience all across the Earth timeline, and it’s time for us to accept the lessons our souls have cocreated for us across time and cease being disempowered because of the facts of our history.

Slavery and Soul Table of Contents
Slavery and Soul Table of Contents

In the forthcoming channeled book Slavery and Soul (to be released 06Oct16 as a paperback and as Kindle and PDF ebooks), Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) describes the place of slavery in the intentions of All That Is to learn about being human.

Yes, your soul is part of All That Is, which is Divine Consciousness or God/Goddess. The disempowerment of slavery has occurred because we as Divine beings need to experience this kind of power over-power under dynamic so we can evolve beyond the belief that owning others for economic gain brings true power.

An excerpt from Slavery and Soul:

Your soul does not view you as powerless, no matter what you experience. It is the essence of Divine Consciousness, which is loving. It sends you to the Earth plane so it can learn what it’s like to be here. That you define yourself in terms of your personal and collective histories and biographies is a side-effect of you feeling disconnected from your inner divinity, which is part of the human Earth game as you learn to reconnect with your soul’s loving, Divine nature. If you have a sense of the Divine within you, you don’t choose to believe that you are the sum of what has happened to you or what you’ve chosen. When in that grounded, loving, innerconnectivity, you no longer need to hold grudges against others for what has hurt you because you accept that you are the Divine and all that has happened to and around you has been cocreated by souls in the conspiracy of love to learn about how to be human. If you adopt an identity of powerlessness, then your soul watches that unfold the same as if you adopt one of being powerful. To your soul, it’s all the same – whatever you believe, however you define yourself, and however you choose to live your life.

Stay tuned for an official announcement and links to order the paperback and ebook versions on October 6th.