Libra’s featured programmed stone Sea Jasper and surrendering control

sj040Recently I did a video on sea jasper as the featured programmed stone for the month of Libra (now through 22Oct16).

As discussed in it, I use programmed sea jasper to help me relax in the face of the challenging lessons life brings. To say it another way, I use it to help me relax the unhealthy controlling behaviors that came with me standard as a human living on Earth.

It’s normal to want to have an effect, ambition, and plans. It’s a regular part of the human trip for each of us to explore having and using ego. Yet when we feel disconnected from Source, as we each do pretty early on in life, the stage is set for our minds to take over. And the mind’s ways are all about fear until we learn to surrender mind to serve the rest of us as spiritual beings.

When we’re born, we immediately realize we’re disconnected from God/Goddess/Source/All That Is, and we can develop fears regarding just about everything. The mind takes over to do what it can to keep us safe, and that means interpreting the world as not safe and then doing things to try to be and stay safe.

sj053Using programmed sea jasper, you can surrender to the fact that as a being you are not, in fact, separate from Source. You can begin to see and surrender to the image that you are already Source, living out a human life to learn to do it.

You can start to view your life thus far as a series of events and opportunities that have served your soul’s growth. After all, your soul got itself born as you to grow here, to learn through the lens of being human what it’s like.

When you ease up the controlling behaviors your mind tells you will protect you because you’re not safe, you will open to seeing that life is actually on your side, as are other people. You’ll accept that life is working with you, and that you are and have always been engaged in a vast conspiracy of love between souls meant to give you many chances to go from fear and pain into faith and love, the intended arc of every single human journey from its soul’s point of view.

Sea jasper is a very Neptunian stone, encouraging surrender so you can connect with the flow and current of energies surrounding you. If you insist (if your mind insists) on controlling things, you can’t connect with your Divine nature and get closer to the wisdom of soul.

sj043During the month of Libra, my programmed sea jasper boulders and wands are on sale. Check out available pieces on my site, and order a stone that will help you get into the groove to surrender to the fact that all in your life in fact serves your highest good as a soul, even when your human self might not like it.