Increasing Immunity

Increasing ImmunityWe’re coming up on winter, when bugs and illness “go around.” Because of the germ theory of disease – which in no way takes into account that we are energetic beings – we assume we’re powerless in the face of what’s “going around.”

But we are energetic beings. We’re affected by energy, and we experience it as emotion.

To strengthen yourself in general (not just because it’s almost cold and flu season), check out the channeled Increasing Immunity mp3s I’ve channeled from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). Currently they’re featured here, and they’re also listed with all the other channeled audio I offer here.

The first mp3 is an explanation of energetic immunity, which we all need to explore. The second mp3 is a meditation so you can exercise an empowering process to increase your energetic immunity, which will translate as physical immunity.

It’s also important for those with autoimmune disorders, as it can help correct the kinds of imbalances that result from not feeling safe.

Autoimmune issues are defined by the immune system in a person in some way attacking normal, healthy tissues. The energy behind these issues is a reactive stance as if one is not safe.

As energetic beings, what we vibrate is everything. Our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes vibrate everything in our lives into existence, most immediately our physical health.

Taking charge of what you vibrate (and choosing to upgrade it regularly) is the surest way to empowerment. There’s no reason to feel susceptible to what’s “going around,” whether it’s bugs/illness, fear about the future, judgment/hatred, or disempowering ideas that come from all sides in our world.