Energetically Programmed Stones for Healing Lilith Themes

After making the True Black Moon Lilith Natal Report available again and doing a new video on the use of the mean vs. true Black Moon, I’ve decided to post more often on Lilith themes.

In this post, I’ll describe some key Lilith issues we live with and the energetically programmed stones I offer that can help shift those parts of our lives.

Lilith Theme: Being in/Trusting the Body
Perhaps the most obvious of Lilith’s themes is instinct. To honor Lilith we have to honor this prerational info source we experience in our bodies. But we have to be willing to be in our bodies to get there.

Lilith’s wisdom is in large part stored as info in our root chakra that we feel but can’t explain. This wisdom is, in fact, the wisdom of the natural world as it exists in our own bodies. We are animals, we are part of the fabric of life on the planet Earth – Lilith’s visceral, instinctive wisdom reminds us that we are not only brains controlling things and getting off on being right and smart.

Programmed Stone for Getting/Being in Your Body: Tiger Iron
My tiger iron will pull energy down to your lower 3 chakras. From channeling an ascended master, I’ve learned that this lower part of the energy field absolutely must be in working order and solid so we have a foundation upon which the rest of our fields can rest. Being in the lower 3 chakras – and comfortable there – is the source of the sanity, security, and strength any of us needs in order to be able to feel and trust instinct.

Lilith Theme: Healthy Boundaries in Relationship
Lilith’s myth is on the face of it about relationship. She is, after all, the natural other half of Adam (Eve comes in later, and is not the first woman). Saying “yes, please” and “no, thank you” is central to the health and success of each and every relationship you have. Lilith is all about relationship, but only those in which she shows up as and is treated as an equal.

A key to boundaries is realizing that you must decide for what you’re available before you encounter others. Most of us don’t yet know that, and the imbalances and energy leakages in our relationships often reveal this fact starkly.

Programmed Stone for Boundaries: Red Jasper
The red jasper I offer is imbued with an empowering frequency that will make clear what you carry that doesn’t belong to you, as well what others might expect you to take on that has nothing to do with you. Your ability to recognize to-date flawed boundaries will be strengthened and boosted, and if you take advantage of the empowerment and speak up, your relationships can change overnight.

It might sound like a big promise, but when you shift how you participate in a relationship, the other person can’t help but shift. He or she might not like it right away, but cleaner and better boundaries is worth it.

Lilith Theme: Suppression of Anger/Rage
This rather long story is explicated in my book Lilith: Healing the Wild, but a major Lilith theme is feeling or being not able to express anger and rage. The short of it is that Lilith represents what can’t be controlled, and all of that stuff – says the patriarchal mind – should be tamped down, kept in a box, and forgotten about. When Lilith people are treated poorly, often they’re punished further if they show any reaction or emotion. Suppression of anger always leads to outbursts later, most of which we’ll regret. Learning to intentionally manage while honoring our feelings – especially the heavy, intense ones – is critical to living as an empowered Lilith figure.

Programmed Stone for Unearthing Anger/Rage: Onyx
These programmed onyx pieces will dig down into your unconscious depths and bring to the surface whatever memories and beliefs disempower you. When you’re ready for some Plutonian spelunking, onyx is for you! The thing to know is that we have to make peace with the hurt parts of us (they are the ones that carry anger – all anger is sourced in pain and related fear), and onyx will bring them to the surface. Always decide that you are stronger than pain and fear.

Lilith Theme: Defensiveness and Mistrust Following Abuse
Obviously, we can become closed, defensive, and mistrusting after abuse. Lilith people can experience power imbalances that might not be intended to be abusive but have the same effects, or they can sometimes go through outright abuse of various kinds. Shutting down and armoring our hearts can be the most obvious thing to do, but that locks in the pain so it cycles around and is reinforced within us. It also closes us off from wonderful experiences that are and could be right in front of us and coming in the future. We have to shift why we believe abuse happens (the Lilith book and report are great places to start) and open our hearts.

Programmed Stone for Forgiveness and Releasing Defenses: Pink Opal
While the effect can be slow and in a way subtle, these energetically charged pink opal pieces will gently pull to the surface any unresolved emotion within you. Learning to move energy in and through the heart as part of a daily spiritual practice means learning to forgive, as well learning to generate the love that parts within you need in order to heal abuse. Choosing defenses and anger isn’t healing. The more courageous approach is to be with your feelings and learn to forgive as you understand why your soul has opted that you experience what you have.

These pink opal pieces will open you to move energy of old emotions. You might need to speak your mind a bit, or confide in someone, or get angry and then cry, or just cry something out. It’s imperative that all humans now learn to manage energy and emotion, and these pink opal pieces are great for opening the heart and forgiving ourselves and others for everything.

See tdjacobs.com for info on all 9 of the programmed stones and crystals I currently offer.