The Complete Chakra Course is Now Available; A New Way Forward

This important 7-hour mp3 course collects what I’ve learned from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) about opening, clearing, healing, and strengthening the 7 major energy centers of every human.

There’s a particular focus on building sanity, security, and strength from the root or 1st chakra up, as true spiritual living does not happen just by being in the upper chakras.

We have been taught that if we’re spiritual beings, we should leave behind Earthly issues and move up in our energy fields and consciousnesses. Many of seem to believe that we need to be in our 7th chakras to be spiritual, but we’re here in these bodies for good reason – souls don’t want or need us to escape Earth! They know already that they are the Divine.

Our 7th chakra obsession at the expense of the lower chakra foundation denies the wisdom of soul, and takes us out of developing true spiritual power. It also makes us ungrounded and flaky, which doesn’t work for anyone. Why do you think there’s such a stereotype in the greater culture about new agey stuff and people? It’s all about the 7th chakra emphasis that leaves people ungrounded and flaky.

Djehuty emphasizes in all of his teachings that we need to be grounded, which means being in our bodies. And this requires dealing with lower chakra issues and histories/memories intentionally.

The Chakra Course Part 1 covers the lower 3 chakras, including giving you many intentional ways to approach related life issues consciously and in empowering ways. Part 1 is me about half in channeling mode, telling you everything Djehuty has taught me about these chakras and how to clear, release, heal, and balance.

Part 2 covers the upper 4 chakras, and is entirely channeled. Djehuty comes through to give you the straight story! All channeled material aims to alter your consciousness. So you not only get the information from him on chakras 4-7, but you also can open to receive an energetic/consciousness upgrade as you listen. (Due to the effects channeled material can have, you are invited to avoid operating heavy equipment and multitasking while listening, and also planning much to do after hearing the mp3s for the first few times.)

Djehuty’s and my intention for this course is that you step into the driver’s seat of your life by healing and releasing the past. Most humans don’t realize the inherent power in being a soul with creative free will because of the accumulation of debris, doubt, shame, guilt, blame, and regret from our past experiences.

Djehuty is clear: You are not what has happened to you. You are not what you have felt or feel now. You are a Divine being, a soul with consciousness that exists across time, incarnated on this planet to learn the true nature of your power: love, compassion, acceptance.

You learn this through going into the opposites and finding out how to emerge from darkness into light by creating it through love. This course is my effort through this channel to provide you with tools for empowerment so that you can come to see once and for all that you are Divinely powerful, that you are now creating and have always created the circumstances of your life. You have done and do this now so that your soul – your own portion of Goddess/God energy, Divine Consciousness, All That Is – can learn what it’s like to feel separate from itself and return to love.

The Course is available as a 9-part mp3 set (including an introduction mp3 for each Part, chakras 1-3 and 4-7), or as Part 1 and then Part 2. Always begin with Part 1 and work with it for a while, then adding in Part 2. I’m offering it in parts for those with budgetary restraints, to make sure that no one is kept from beginning this important work.

A New Way Forward
The Chakra Course is the lecture half of a larger teaching. The laboratory course accompaniment is a set of channeled meditations to use daily to unearth energies and debris that need to go. You can choose from two different sets or get both: 22 mp3s (8 hours total) or 31 (11 hours total). Those sets are available here (scroll down below the lunation meditation table).

On each 20-minute mp3 I channel a combination of Djehuty and Archangel Metatron, making for a potent, powerful energy work and clearing experience. In each set, they also teach you about the chakras through an experiential process. If you open to their energies during each meditation, you will receive small bits of upgrade energy. Over time (over, say, 22 or 31 days…) you will notice major overall changes in your life.

I recommend using those mp3s with The Chakra Course for best effect.

In these processes, it can be helpful to use energetically programmed crystals. I’ve organized a list of crystals on my site by what chakra(s) they open, clear, or support.

Also, when you get either The Chakra Course or one of the channeled meditation mp3 sets, you’re eligible to join a private Facebook group in which I answer questions and provide context and support for what you’re experiencing. I did this as a trial run for a month with a small group in January of 2017, and am inspired by the kinds of things have happened with the members and will continue it.

One reason I’m offering this support at no extra charge is so you can understand the emotional, energetic, and physical effects of doing this work. You might have a few tired days, a few headaches, a few twitchy muscles, or a few tons of intolerance of the unbelievably annoying crap in your life you’ve put up with for years and now can’t deal with – I’m available to help you understand what’s happening and how to work with it.

Email me if you have questions about any of this. I’m committed to helping you evolve out of being stuck, self-destructive, depressive, regretful, guilty, ashamed, powerless, anxious – anything that holds you back from graciously owning the power you have as a Divine being here to learn to go from fear into love.