The Way You’re Wired is No Accident.

I’ve used the title of this post on my business cards for as long as I can remember. It’s about teaching you that you are a soul living a human life, not a collection of mistakes, missed opportunities, or anything else that seems worth judging.

Each one of us is here to facilitate the learning of soul. Souls come here to see what will happen when they forget that they are Goddess/God energy. Through our eyes, they can see what it’s like to not know that they are the divine and make choices based from a place of conceiving that they are separate from divine love.

So, we’re going on our way, making the choices for good and otherwise that our souls are learning through. Yet with our human minds, we’re developing judgments of self and other based in logical conceptions of who we should be – and who we have unfortunately, our minds say, we have turned out to be.

My 20-minute mp3 readings called Soul’s Journey Soundbites give you an overview of your life using your birth chart. That overview is based in how your soul sees you and your life, which brings in a lot of perspectives that will go against the self-judging antics of your linear, logical mind.

You might be thinking, “20 minutes can’t be enough time to help me figure out how to fix me life,” but the 4-step story I tell in each Soundbite is enough to help even the most hardened pirate to change his or her life.

(I often type “me:” instead of “my,” and don’t feel like editing it.)

While your Soundbite will cover the major themes of your entire life, it does so in an efficient, compact way that’s affordable. Some people get a Soundbite to learn how their souls see their lives when they’re on a budget, and others get them to test me and my astrological approach to see if they want to work with me in formal sessions and coaching in an ongoing basis.

The elements covered in your Soundbite, all including house, sign, and aspect:

  1. Pluto: The marker that describes the empowerment journey your soul has set out for you. It indicates what you must do to feel strong, confident, and that life is worth living, as well as fears from many lives after not feeling confident, etc.
  2. South Node of the Moon: The symbol describing the kinds of karmic incubators (or crucibles) that your soul chose for you to be born to in many lives – family, that is. The SN is a lens through which you expect to see the world, and the world therefore shows up to meet you in certain ways.
  3. South Node ruler by sign: Your role and special skills/talents in many lives. It’s a deeper layer of identity than Sun, Moon, and rising sign, and holds keys about how to maximize satisfaction with work, relationships, and general attitudes toward life.
  4. North Node of the Moon: This describes what you haven’t learned or integrated in a healthy way over many lives, the opposite of the familiarity of the South Node. It’s what your family could never teach you but you need to learn in order to be well-rounded, happy, and healthy.

And so there is a plan from your soul for your life – the way you’re wired is no accident. All that happens to you reflects what your soul has decided to learn through your life.

In each Soundbite I tell you how to live in more harmony with what your soul sent you here to do. 20 minutes turns out to be enough to touch on all the major themes of your multilife journey as well as suggest ways to shift what in your life has vexed and frustrated you.

Read what a number of people have sent to me after hearing their own Soundbites, and order yours here.