Deals: Relationship Readings & Programmed Pink Opal for Opening Your Heart

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and I am the sort of person who would NEVER do a promotion for it.

So, think of this as something other than a promotion. Consider it an invitation to upgrade what you think relationships are about and for, and a nudge to see that anything unprocessed from your relationships past and present needs to get processed.

As energetic beings, humans feel energy, and we feel it emotionally. We can store energy, actually, in the form of memories and the beliefs we’ve attached to why things have happened to us. When those beliefs become crystallized, they’re karma.

We need each other to learn about ourselves – this is your soul’s plan, by the way, because it knows you cannot see yourself clearly. You need people to bounce off of, and for this reason relationships are the primary drivers of our spiritual growth.

To support your relationships and healing, through February 14th I’m offering a deal on relationship (synastry/composite) consultations, both live and prerecorded. I look at each person’s karmic journey and then compare the charts (synastry) and then blend them (composite). Click here to book yours.

I’ll explain to you what you and the other person are together to learn, whether friends, business partners, or lovers or spouses. Looking at your soul’s intentions and contracts is seriously empowering!

(I’ll also do that with a small group while channeling a ton in Tucson for a 4-day healing intensive in April called The Divine Reflection. Some spots are still open – come to meet Djehuty & Metatron and transform by learning how your soul set up your relationship life for you and it to learn!)

Note: The only requirement for the consultation deal is that the 2nd person knows that you might at some point or might now share her or his data with an astrologer.

Programmed Pink Opal
Over the last few years I’ve worked a ton with pink opal, a heart-opening, compassion-inducing stone. It’s helped me and others to become willing to let go of emotional … stuff is the technical term, I believe.

When we carry unprocessed emotional energy, it’s stored within us. It creates havoc as it requires us to work around the unhappy or unsatisfied deposits of memory and the beliefs we’ve attached to them – there’s that karma again.

We can’t flow with life, and we often shield our hearts. We think we need protection, so we end up armoring ourselves out of both being able/willing to receive and moving through what we’ve been carrying. The effect is a lack of presence and a stuckness in the past, perhaps even to the point of being defined by what and who has hurt us long ago.

These energetically programmed pink opal pieces will slowly and gently bring to the surface any unprocessed emotional baggage that you’re carrying and that needs to go. When you work through it intentionally (choosing compassion and forgiveness, having gratitude for what others and their souls have taught you, and more), then you become free of the pain, doubt, regret, and sorrow from the past.

With these amazing stones, be prepared to be softened by the sweet energy they give off. They function as batteries giving off the energy I infuse them with, and these will connect you to the healing wisdom of St. Germain, the keeper of the violet flame of forgiveness.

St. G. is a face of the ascended master I channel, a.k.a. Thoth, Djehuty, Merlin, and others. As St. G., he is unendingly compassionate and gives you the opportunity to release what you’ve been carrying. He doesn’t do anything else – he holds space for you to process what you feel about a scenario, and in time you will want to cry it out. When those tears subside, you’ll be free of what has held you back and kept you feeling small and your heart closed.

All the hand-held programmed pink opal pieces on my site are now listed at half off. A large (2.5 lb.) programmed piece is less now, too, and I also have 3 pendants wrapped with sterling silver listed.

I want you to get in touch with your feelings in ways that move the energy and show you that you can be free of the weights of the past. We all can heal emotions, even those that seem the worst people can feel. If we commit to learning to honor that we feel and what we feel, we can learn to get grounded enough to go into those spaces so that the waves of tension can release.

There’s nothing wrong with what you feel, and you can learn to work through old … stuff to be free of it.

Processing emotion while honoring it is essential to spiritual development now, and I love it when people get programmed pink opals and free themselves from self-judgment, regret, shame, guilt, and other heavy, negative emotions.

Check out the pieces available here, and you can also see a video I did on working with programmed pink opal here: