Relationship Readings Deal Ends Today

Today is, of course, Valentine’s Day. The mythos surrounding it is that we’re supposed to be in love, in relationships, feel loved, feel our hearts swell from receiving romantic gestures that announce loudly and clearly to the world that someone finds us special, blah blah blah.

The romantic love mythologized surrounding this day is based in the notion that someone will save you from loneliness and misery, these assumed to be the standard modes of human existence without someone to love you.

Through the end of today, I’m offering a deal on relationship readings (both live – $50 off – and prerecorded mp3 – $40 off) that will explain your soul’s intentions for your relationship. Book it by the end of today and schedule the consultation soon or I’ll do the prerecord later this week.

To understand what your soul has set out for you re your relationships and relating patterns is the first step toward empowerment, as there is definitely a divine plan for all of your relationships.

Your soul has you here to learn to validate yourself, and so you have a bunch of relationships that can’t possibly validate you. Part of you wants to be made whole through connection with another, but others are in your life only to show you how to own aspects of your own self and, thereby, complete yourself.

Each soul has its human selves on this planet to learn to become the source of love for themselves. Loving the self in all the ways others can’t, won’t, didn’t, and don’t taps you directly into the wisdom and power of soul, which is divine.

The part of a person that wants to be made whole through being loved by another represents a stage of learning through love that all humans cycle through, but it evidences spiritual immaturity. It’s time that we all grow up and learn to own the paths that our souls have set out for us! Those paths, after all, are the missions for our human lives. We cannot get close to and bring through the wisdom of soul if we refuse to see the higher truth of why we’re experiencing what we’re experiencing.

What I’ll need from you for your reading: The birth data of each person in the relationship and where on Earth you met (city and state or country). Regarding ethics, it’s critical that the other person know that you might share his or her birth data for this reading or, more generally, with an astrologer or reader at some point.

Also, I’m offering most energetically programmed pink opal stones on my site at half off. They’re for opening the heart, letting go of the past, dissolving shielding and armor so we can more often open our hearts and connect with others. A primary effect my pink opal will have for you is slowly and gently bringing up from under the surface any unprocessed emotional stuff (from any life experiences) that needs to be grieved and released. They are powerful in their unrelenting sweetness!