Beginning June 5th: Evolutionary Astrology Basics I

The response to the current class is fantastic, so I’m beginning it again for a new group on June 5th.

Basic details and dates are in the banner above, and the full description and a PayPal link to register is here.

Over the years, I’ve spoken a lot in classes, mp3s, and radio shows about my unique, in-depth approach to evolutionary astrology. I’ve also written about it in The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel.

But now I’m developing a series of courses to explain the backstory and teach you to think like I do when I look at charts.

It’s about a paradigm shift, as my framework comes from channeling an ascended master about the nature of soul and how to see its intentions and multilife journey in astrological birth charts.

From a current student:

“I love the way you explained multidimensionality as a new paradigm shift.  Also, I finally am understanding how our soul experiences all of my lives simultaneously.  This is a difficult concept and you really got it across. Anyway, BRAVO…. [I’ve been in another training program] and even in those settings it’s difficult to give this overall explanation of EA. I am pursuing any attempts at reading a chart from this perspective as the best way to help a person, so I am really valuing your class so far.”

EA Basics I will lay out soul, reincarnation, and karma (including how to change it) before teaching you about Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, and the South Node ruler by sign and how they indicate what the soul intends for its human.

Students taking this course now report some mind-blowing effects, and I’m thrilled that they’re getting the big picture it’s so important to understand if you’re going to talk about soul.

Mostly we talk about soul the way religions have taught us to, yet there is so much more going on!

After you take EA Basics I, you’re eligible to take EA Basics II, and then the following classes I’ve outlined and will develop. Over the course of the next few years, you’ll have the chance to master these channeled perspectives on astrology.

After over a decade of bringing this channeled information to clients, I can tell you that it resonates on deep levels. Each person needs to know there’s a purpose for her life, and these methods speak to the deepest places within people. As far as I’m concerned, this depth and resonance with the intentions and wisdom of soul represent the future of astrology.

I say this because each of us needs to become empowered, and understanding the soul’s intent as well as how to embody its perspectives and wisdom while living provides the meaning we need to feel empowered. We need to make the right choices for the right reasons, and when we know our karmic triggers and learn how to heal pain, regret, guilt, and shame (just some of the things we carry from many lifetimes in the unconscious), we can do so.

Be in touch with questions, and I look forward to bringing you into this unique, powerful approach!

Oh, finally: I encourage you to take a live class, but if you can’t make the times I schedule, you can sign up to get the materials. Future classes that involve a lot of practice with charts will need to be taken live, but this first round of basics can be done on your own time.