Programmed Larimar: What’s installed as truth in your 5th chakra?

In a coaching/energy work call this morning I was reminded of a fact about the 5th chakra: We don’t realize what belief is installed there until we see over and over again that something’s not right in our lives.

We can reverse engineer the belief that’s manifesting from what’s in front of us, but it takes noticing it first.

All humans operate according to belief. A better way to say this is that we all look out at the world through a lens of belief that we don’t even know is there.

And we don’t by default notice the level of veracity of the lens through which we view the world, life, ourselves, and others – until we do.

In the 5th chakra, the energy center located in the throat, we elevate to the status of truth something we suspect is true … and then after a while, we believe it’s Truth, forgetting that it’s actually an idea.

Often, the idea installed as truth began as an explanation we made up to try to explain why something is the way it is, or why things happen the way they do.

We get comfortable interpreting the world, etc., through the lens of this idea, and it becomes a belief we get attached to.

The trick in the 5th chakra is to choose to align with something true for us. Moving away from an idea, we need to sense into the vibration of things and, over time, be willing to upgrade our beliefs in favor of higher vibrations.

I use programmed larimar to catch myself before articulating thought and word. Using it, I’m continually aligned with what’s true for me, and I’m thereby connected to a higher vibration than my story-based mind would choose.

The first time I bought rough larimar, it was at the big gem show in Tucson a few years ago. I intentionally purchased small pieces because of the relatively high cost of the rough stone. After cutting, polishing, and energetically programming that set, I put them on my site and they began to sell. I was encouraged, and so happy to have my new favorite stone to play with. I loved what it felt like to be aligned with something of a higher vibration than my linear, logical mind would normally choose.

The guy who sold it to me was kind enough to let me come to his house to get more a few months later, when I happened to be on a trip in his state. As I sorted through many boxes of rough slabs, I picked the ones that felt right. When adding things up to gauge how in line I was with my budget, I had strong fear that I was about to buy too much (I had more in my hand than my original budget allowed).

But what I’d chosen felt right, so I looked at why I was afraid of spending the money. The answer was one rooted in low self-esteem about money issues. In the moment, in the guy’s yard with these beautiful stones in my hands, I looked at why.

The root of this fear had to do with relationship issues from about a decade prior. I cared deeply for a woman who didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, but I knew she cared for me, too. My brain had decided that there must be something wrong with me if someone who cares about me doesn’t want to be with me (I know this is not a mature understanding of human love relationships, but this part of me was in that groove.)

In the intervening years, I’d been teetering between being sad about that situation and feeling bitter toward the woman, but also toward life because, this part of wondered in frustration, “Why doesn’t love matter?!”

In the dude’s yard, holding the larimar pieces and thinking about numbers, I realized that installed in my 5th chakra as true was my doubt that I’m worth love, and that was manifesting as the fear that I would pay for these stones and not make the money back.

Feeling clear, I realized that this was my challenge in working with larimar, and this is the belief that needed to be replaced as truth in my 5th chakra. I decided in the moment that I choose instead to be aligned with the fact that it’s important for me to help people (incl. overcoming exactly the kind of thing I was overcoming!), and I chose to cease identifying with the fear that I might not be worth love and financial support. The truth is that I love helping make their lives better and, in a sense, I just decided to focus on this instead of the numbers re cost.

Instead of looking at what the larimar rough slabs would cost me, I realized the healthy approach is to see them as an investment in a healing tool.

Since then, my relationship with money has turned around more. It’s in phases, and I sometimes have some retracing/backtracks, but I know now that I have a trigger re how others treat me and how comfortable I am with feeling supported by life. It’s been going on for my whole life, but since that day getting the lesson larimar had for me, I’ve been able to see more progress than before.

Part of me still wonders how someone can love you so much and not be able to be with you, but I’m working on it – working on not letting it be a reflection of how worth love I am or might be.

A key point: When you work with larimar, you’ll be able to catch yourself before finishing a thought or beginning to say something that reflects the negative or unhelpful belief. For me it was a lack of self-esteem re money that’s rooted in how others have related to or treated me.

Being aware of all of this, I’m being more responsible and mature re what vibrations I’m feeding within myself and bringing to the world around me. It’s a grown-up way of operating the 5th chakra: Notice what vibration you’re aligned with in a given moment, and decide if it’s one you want to feed.

If not, upgrade it.

Tom Jacobs is an Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel with an active global practice. A Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program (member since 2004), Tom offers consultations, ongoing coaching, tutoring, and a new series of Evolutionary Astrology classes to teach you to do astrology in the ways taught to him by an ascended master. 16 books, 2 natal reports, energetically programmed crystals, and dozens of astrology and channeled/healing mp3s are available from Tom via