Programmed Crystal Kits for Healing Various Aspects of Trauma

Over the years I’ve worked with trauma quite a lot, both in myself and many clients. It’s central to what I do: I help people get over blocks, release debris from the past, and change their karmic beliefs so they can live the life they choose. Trauma from various lifetimes creates the blocks, debris, and beliefs that many of us are trying to work through and get beyond.

The programmed crystals I make, use, and sell are fantastic for working with a history of trauma. I recommend them as part of an overall program including energy work, meditation, body awareness/care, affirmations, and spiritual counseling to cover all the bases regarding trauma and to ensure good patterns are established to replace those inspired by the pain, fear, anxiety, and escapism that can come from carrying trauma.

I’ve written two documents on trauma and programmed crystals you can download for free. Click on the button below and go through the check-out process to get both, but you won’t be charged (it’s just how my site downloads are set up).


The first document is 5 pages on how I as an energy worker see trauma and how I recommend working through and healing it.

The second is an overview and instructions for use for the new programmed crystal kits for healing trauma I’m making available today.

Each kit contains 8 crystals, 7 programmed by me and one additional that’s explained in the PDF.

From grounding to opening the heart to nurture hurt parts of you, from connecting with your higher self to come out of real-time trauma echoes to learning to surrender to what is happening and let go, these programmed crystals cover quite a lot of ground to support you in healing trauma. Full explanations are in second document linked above, but here’s a brief overview of the 8 crystals included.

  1. Tiger iron with Ascended Master Djehuty’s energy brings energy and attention to your lower 3 chakras to get you in your body and grounded.
  2. Tiger iron with Archangel Metatron’s energy sends a pulse of energy through your whole field to ensure all parts of your are connected and you feel whole.
  3. Onyx simultaneously pulls to the surface fears, grief, and trauma that needs to be faced while giving you a boost of confidence to stay grounded and look it in the eye for empowerment.
  4. Pink opal opens the heart and inspires you to move through and release old emotional blocks. Forgiveness and compassion are also part of pink opal’s effects.
  5. Sea jasper reduces stress and anxiety, bringing you a soft inspiration to let go, relax, and surrender to what’s in your highest good.
  6. Auralite 23 connects you to your higher self while helping you see that negative, pained, fearful parts of you are not who you truly are.
  7. Blue kyanite aligns your 7 chakras. Use it with auralite 23 when trauma is triggered or when you feel overtaken by traumatized parts of self.
  8. Dendritic opal supports you in integrating various parts of self, especially those who have split off or try to after trauma. It also gently smooths over your entire energy field and is excellent for attuning you to peacefulness.

Each kit is 20% off what you would spend if you bought the 7 programmed crystals from me individually (the blue kyanite I’ve thrown in at no charge). Each one also comes in a roll-up pocketed thingie with a tie thingie to keep them organized and all together, as pictured above.

Click on the picture below to see a larger version, and copy and paste the PayPal link in the caption into your browser to order if the link is not live. If you try to order one and it doesn’t work, try another, as it means I haven’t had a chance to update this post after one is purchased.

Insured US shipping for each will be $13.60. International shipping will be more, perhaps twice as much depending on weight, and without insurance unless you opt for that (I will do research and give you a quote).

Kit 4. $140.00. Sold.