Programmed Pink Opal for Soothing and Releasing Emotions

In important ways, my programmed pink opal is the most powerful stone/crystal I offer. It disarms your defenses, bringing old and difficult emotions to the surface so you can effectively deal with them.

Each is programmed, or infused, with the energy of St. Germain, an ascended master I channel (a.k.a. Djehuty, Thoth, Merlin, and Hermes). He is the keeper of the violet flame of forgiveness, a powerful tool any of us can draw upon. When we meet him, he presents us with the opportunity to let go and surrender the judgment, anger, pain, and fear that we carry. It’s a humbling experience, as we in those moments see that we’ve been using our power to hold ourselves locked in a painful position.

St. Germain’s empowering support is in holding space for you to choose to let go of the painful past, open your heart, and move beyond the limitations of pain. It’s a reflection that you can be freer, lighter, more present, more loving, and open-hearted.

Part of my job on Earth is to encourage you to be willing to feel your feelings, as well as what you’ve carried forward from earlier in this life and from other lifetimes, so you can learn to free yourself from the weight of pain and suffering. We don’t have to get stuck in our emotions if we remember that they are as waves trying to break. If we let them, they move through us.

Pain is going to happen – it’s a given if you’re living on Earth. And that you experience pain (and all its variants: suffering, sorrow, grief, etc.) isn’t proof that you’ve done something wrong or didn’t turn out to be the right kind of person.

It simply means that you’re alive, and that you’re experiencing what your soul is here to experience: Dealing with energies and emotions while embodied. The end goal of your soul’s journey, you should really know if you want to step into the driver’s seat of your life, is to go from making choices based in fear to making them based in love.

Yup, that’s why you’re here. Your soul, a portion of Divine Consciousness, knows that its true nature is love. But it comes to Earth as you in order to experience feeling separate from Source/Goddess/God in order to try to figure out how to get back to that true nature as love while embodied.

So, you’re living your life and accumulating experiences that teach your soul what it wants to learn, but then you’re left carrying debris and residue from those experiences.

But you can let them go. With Jupiter’s current transit through Scorpio and the Sun there this month, there’s much attention right now on dealing with emotions that we’ve buried because we didn’t know what to do with them or were ashamed that we have them.

My programmed pink opal will soften the edges of resistance to feeling emotions, and it will gently bring to the surface whatever in this life or many other lives is unresolved and needs healing and release.

Jupiter and Sun in Scorpio are challenging you to own up to what you feel and think about yourself and others, and it’s likely that you’ve got some old judgment of self or other stuck in your field that’s being used as a protective tool to keep you from getting hurt.

But, again, you’re going to get hurt – pain is part of life. The key with Scorpio transits and placements in your natal chart is that you must learn to transform through pain into compassion, anger into acceptance, and grief into love.

Will you choose to be stronger than pain and fear? What about grief? What about shame and guilt? Using a programmed pink opal will open your heart so you can move through the stuck energy that you might have used for a long time to define who you are or should be.

You’re a divine work in progress – you’re here learning to make choices as you go. Programmed pink opal will help you release the past and open your heart to be present so you can live the life you want to live.